4 Musical Artists That Will Revive Your Playlists

Sometimes, we get tired of our own playlists. It’s not the music’s fault, but listening to tunes during your walk to class or to blast to at the gym just gets old when it’s the same songs over and over again. While finding new music can be scary, it’s necessary for the expansion of our music taste and growth. I’ve rounded up four artists in four genres to give your playlists a much-needed makeover.

For the Love of Rock: Pixies

While this Boston-based band is not entirely new, Pixies are rising to the top among other nostalgia-inducing bands. From songs that you can jump around to with friends to lyrics that make you think about it all, this band is offering so much more than a good bass riff. Songs like “Is She Weird” and “Waves of Mutilation” (the UK Surf version, of course) prove how inventive the group has been since their beginnings. Plus, almost all of their work pairs extremely well in playlists including The 1975, Bleachers, and more new wave rock artists. If you’re new to their sound, I recommend listening to “Where is My Mind” first to get a taste of all they have to offer. 

For the Sentimental Sounds: James Blake

With his new album “Assume Form,” James Blake is back and smoother than ever. Blake has provided more songs for those feelin’ the love nights and sad girl/boy/nonbinary hours. Some of my favorites from the new record include “I’ll Come Too” — a song that makes you crave that “anywhere you go, I go” love — and “Mile High,” a surprising Travis Scott collab. These songs are a great addition if you fancy the sounds of Blood Orange and The Internet. And if you’re not too familiar with Blake, blast “Retrograde” on repeat to see why he is so talented.

For the Alternative Vibes: Jakob Ogawa

If you’re into tunes that are good for winding down after a busy day, Jakob Ogawa is your guy. His songs provide the perfect background noise for walking around Boston or doing a face mask on a weeknight. My top picks are “All Your Love,” which is definitely a replayable bop, and “Sunshine Girl,”  a jam that’ll bring you sunshine on the grossest of winter and spring days. Definitely give him a listen if you love artists like SALES and Roy Blair, or even if you just want an entry into the world of alternative music.

For the Pop Bops: King Princess

Not to be dramatic, but King Princess is rising to pop stardom before our very eyes. Inspired by top artists like Dolly Parton, she’s singing about new experiences in love through a familiar raspy voice. While her hit “1950” is a favorite among most that have heard her, “Holy” is a song that needs to be played on the radio for the sake of playing good pop music. She especially deserves a listen if your heart belongs to the likes of Robyn and Billie Eilish.  If you’re looking for a little more from King Princess, “Upper West Side” will definitely get you going.

Though letting new music into your life can be difficult, I hope this list guides your way into a new wave of music exploration.


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