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3 Ways to Gain Industry Experience on Campus

Everybody knows that you need to have a great résumé to land your dream job! But how are you supposed to juggle a major and a minor, studying for the GRE and boosting your CV? Here are three ways you can gain industry experience without even leaving campus!

Join a club related to the field you’re interested in

BU’s club fair features hundreds of different student organizations on campus, and chances are at least one is related to the field you’re interested in! Want to fine-tune your journalism skills? Write for The Daily Free Press or even Her Campus BU! Dream of working for a nonprofit one day? Help plan the annual Relay for Life event on campus! Joining a student organization is a great way to learn from your peers and get industry experience in the comfort of your own campus. Add those experiences to your résumé and be sure to emphasize any leadership roles you held or goals you accomplished!

Join a brand ambassador program (Lord & Taylor Trendsetters)

Brand ambassador programs are a great way to build your résumé while having fun on campus. It’s pretty awesome to be able to turn your passion for your favorite brand into a legit extracurricular activity. Whether you’re hoping to pursue a career in fashion, sales, marketing, public relations or event planning, the new Lord & Taylor brand ambassador program on campus is the perfect opportunity for any ambitious, style-savvy collegiette. You’ll gain experience with social media marketing, plan and host fun events at Lord & Taylor, host fun giveaways and even receive free swag! Sound good to you? Apply to be a Lord & Taylor Trendsetter! Your résumé will thank you later.

Meet with a BU career counselor

Finding an internship can feel like your toughest semester-long project. Don’t worry; the career center makes it so much easier! A quick visit with a career counselor can open your eyes to internship and volunteer opportunities in your industry that are actually in the area. Plus, those counselors can give you the tools to land the position of your dreams (we swear!). There are BU grads in all different industries, and a career counselor can help you set up informational interviews with alumni in your field. What are you waiting for? Visit the career center and start networking!

How are you getting involved in your dream industry, collegiettes? Share your best advice in the comments!

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