25 of the Prettiest Studyblr Photos to Inspire You This Semester

If you’re unfamiliar with the social networking site Tumblr, you might not know what a studyblr is. Despite this, they just might be the key to keeping you motivated and inspired this semester.

While studyblr has grown over the years-gathering attention from magazines like Seventeen, The Verge, and independent college newspapers like UCLA’s Daily Bruin,  and growing to overtake other social media platforms like Instagram (#studygram), the idea behind it all remains simple. Members of the academic community, primarily high school and college students, post pretty, aesthetically pleasing, and filtered photos of their notes/assignments/study habits.

The content, usually a blend of photos and text posts created and curated by the blogger, can vary. My Tumblr, for instance (@cw0630), features posts like this:

On sites like Tumblr and Instagram, there exists a substantial online community, with the largest demographic being female college students, who support and cheer each other on through the obstacles and tribulations of high school, college, and (even) graduate years.

The more active members of the community post almost on the daily, and inspire conversations (through Tumblr “asks”) about past experiences, studying advice, life in general, etc. However, for those who only have a few minutes to scroll through their feed, the gorgeous photos are enough for most to want to leap off of their bed and head out to the local coffee shop or library to get crackin’.

Here are some of the almost endless supply of beautiful studyblr pictures to do just that:

#1: studyingain.tumblr.com

To inspire you to take the time and the effort to make those anatomy diagrams.

#2: studyquill.tumblr.com

To motivate you to kick out the negative energies and vibes you associate with differential calculus and instead write some notes while jamming out to your favorite tunes.

#3: studynine.tumblr.com

To urge you to crack out the washi tape to craft notes that double as a work of art.

#4: ghiblistudyy.tumblr.com

To remind you that those endless pages of reading aren’t only doable, but you might even end up getting lost in the story!

#5: study-sarahh.tumblr.com

To show you the power of color coding, and to make annotating seem fun.

#6: fiercelittlestudyblr.tumblr.com

To prove to you that going to school in a city with endless activities and fun doesn’t have to stand in the way. You can have it all: the view, the food, and productivity.

#7: weststudies.tumblr.com

To remind you that studying and coziness don’t have to be mutually exclusive...and that dry-erase boards are a good investment. (And that chemistry can be a blast, regardless of how difficult and tedious Chem 101 is!)

#8: colormecosmic.tumblr.com

To inspire you to get a planner and write in it regularly. We love Google Calendar, but there’s something about pen and paper that just speaks to us...

#9: studywithinspo.tumblr.com

To remind you that you have all the trendy academic items, whether it’s fashionable backpacks like the Fjallraven Kanken or the hottest stationery, like Muji pencil boxes and Zebra mildliners. It’s time to take those supplies and make something of them.

#10: brigid-studies.tumblr.com

To reinvigorate your love for the classics (@all Core Curriculum students).

#11: oblivionstudies.tumblr.com

To motivate you to make cute flashcards like these, to maximize efficiency and allow you to be productive even when (especially when) in long lines (cough, cough: the GSU during peak hours and nearly any Starbucks on campus).

#12: stuhde.tumblr.com

To motivate you to finally organize your workspace. Clean desk, clear head.

#13: therobotstudies.tumblr.com

To ease the dread you feel when you think about language classes (sorry CAS students, that foreign language requirement is a hassle for me too) and bask in the positive energy of this post: calligraphy-esque French notes, a hot cup of coffee, and a nice bowl of blueberries.

#14: lentilstudies.tumblr.com

To inspire you to take neat, legible notes, despite how tempting it is to just scribble facts and formulas about electromagnetic waves.

#15: maddymangoes.tumblr.com

To gently remind and motivate you to eat (especially breakfast, and especially healthy breakfast foods like strawberries and bananas). While the dining hall food certainly might not look like this, eating regularly will give you the energy you need to seize the day and get through all your readings and assignments. (And hitting up Tatte for breakfast as an occasional treat is fine, treat yourself!)

#16: heather-journal.tumblr.com

To prove how important a mood/vision board can be (both to the soul and to the room decor) and to remind any procrastinating CFA students to get back to their Monteverdi’s Madrigali.

#17: sibyllamirabella.tumblr.com

To show you that a quick trip to Muji or Amazon is fine, as long as you get up and at ‘em afterward.

#18: studyfite.tumblr.com

To inspire you to find the right studying techniques for you, which might be abandoning the traditional outline method and making bright, visual notes.

#19: hannahreveur.tumblr.com

To motivate you to rewrite the information from the textbook even if you don’t want to, and to break out the rulers when making a timeline (it’s worth it).

#20: stillstudies.tumblr.com

To inspire you to plan out your days and weeks and just sit down and savor your reading list.

#21: willistudynoiwont.tumblr.com

To nudge you towards the visual by sketching important historical figures to help you remember who they were and what they did.

#22: focusign.tumblr.com

To inspire you to start a bullet journal that will keep all aspects of your life in check: academics, health/sleep, and more.

#23: afternaomi.tumblr.com

To introduce an impossible idea: even geography, at its best with colorful pastel markers and environmentally friendly gel pens, can be fun?

#24: studylikemeredithgrey.tumblr.com

To remind you that when paired with a nice frappuccino, writing notes on CPUs can be a hoot. (And that whenever you get a Venti beverage from Starbucks, you should also get a Venti water! Hydrate or die.)

#25. markiveelle.tumblr.com

To inspire you to take in-depth notes (and to take quick study breaks doing positive things, such as doodling cute houseplants.)

While your notes certainly don’t have to look like this (most studyblrs actually rewrite their notes and devote a LOT of time to making them look so aesthetically pleasing), glancing at them definitely inspires the majority of us to turn off the TV shows, turn away from the endless pleasures of Newbury St., and sit down and get to work.


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