15 Times Donald Trump Made Me Roll My Eyes During The Debate

This election is wild; there is no argument about that. No matter who you support it is a stressful time for everyone. Watching the debate last night only added to that stress, here are 15 times Donald Trump made me roll my eyes so far into the back of my head I could literally see my brain cells dying.


1.) When he continued to insinuate Hillary Clinton is old because she’s “been around a long time.”

So she has experience that’s what you’re saying. Also, Trump is older than Clinton so I don’t know what he’s trying to prove here…


2.) Any time he spoke over Clinton during her two minutes, usually just to say “WRONG” to an undisputable fact. 

RIP Fact Checkers Everywhere


3.) When Trump kept sniffling but it was Clinton’s health called into question.  

Is he sick? Are we going to get a bunch of articles about how he’s too sick to be President or is that reserved for Clinton?


4.) When he bragged about getting audited.

I’m not a #realadult yet so my knowledge of taxes is limited. I do know that getting audited is something people try to avoid, and if it happens you don’t brag about it. 


5.) Any time he referred to the millions of dollars his father gave him as a “small loan”

A small loan that could cover my entire undergraduate and graduate tuition as well as buy me a house.


6.) When he wanted to bring back “Stop and Frisk.”

I mean that’s literally illegal but okay.


7.) When he accused Hillary Clinton of being “too harsh” in her attack ads.

You’d think a man who has insulted basically every group of people wouldn’t be such a little baby about hearing his own words used against him.


8.) When he tried to defend his blatant and disgusting sexism.

Listen Donny Boy, if you’re gonna be a sexist pig own up to it so we all know to despise him.


9.) When he tried to relate to the average middle class American by talking about how much money he had.

“Guys it’s not that much” --Trump when listing off more money than I will ever make in my lifetime.


10.) When he compared US airport to those in a Third World Country.

#MakeAirportsGreatAgain I—unlike Trump—pay my taxes and I can think of five more important things my tax dollars should go to than improving airports


11.) When he claimed he never said that China invented Global Warming when there was literally a tweet about it.

The internet is forever Donald, I’m reminded of it every time my embarrassing seventh-grade photos show up on Facebook memories


12.) When he related everything into how he had property in the area.

“I care about black people in Chicago because I have property in Chicago” Trump. Basically.


13.) When he said Hillary Clinton didn’t have the “Look” to be President, but then backtracked and said “stamina.”

He means she can’t be president because she’s a woman. She looks like a woman and that isn’t Presidential according to Trump. The only good that came of this was Hillary’s iconic shoulder shimmy that I will tell my grandchildren about.


14.) When he talked about how he has been traveling leading up to this debate while Hillary has stayed home.

Hillary’s response is better than mine ever will be so I’ll let her have this one:

Maybe if Trump had prepared he wouldn’t have sounded like a guy who didn’t do the reading but is trying really hard to get that participation credit during the discussion.


15.) When I realized that there are people who listened to this nonsense and still claim to “not know who to vote for.”

I’m mainly talking about democrats here, specifically former Bernie supporters who claim to hate Hillary so much (despite the fact that her policies are over 90% in line with Bernie’s) they would rather vote for Trump who is the embodiment of the Youtube comments section.

If you haven’t already, make sure you’re registered to vote (and then actually vote) so our next president can be Hillary Clinton, a woman I would trust to run this country instead of Trump--a man I wouldn’t even trust to run a group presentation on spray tans.