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15 Songs for Cozy Autumn Vibes

The trees are beginning to look aflame and the air is finally chilling out. Fall is here, and if you haven’t been in the mood for cozy season, you’re about to be. Whether you’re cuffed or not, these 15 songs are sure to connect you to the vibe of this season. Make the most of fall; it’s only here once a year.


1. Your Song – Ellie Goulding

Originally by Elton John, Ellie’s cover is striking with her soft voice and the delicate piano accompanying her. When strings join in, the harmonies create a perfect love song for cuddle weather.


2. Milk and Cookies – Melanie Martinez

Martinez’s playful tune fits perfectly with the time around Halloween into Thanksgiving when the air is getting chilly and spooky tricks are played. As Melanie puts it, “A little bit of sugar, but lots of poison too.”


3. Mykonos – Fleet Foxes

Acoustic guitar, harmonious voices, and gentle drums serenade this tune into one that is less slow and more focused on jamming out a classic folk tune. It has a patient build into a climactic chorus.  


4. James Joint – Rihanna

Because literally nothing is perfect without Rihanna.


5. Carry You – Novo Amor

This is one of those songs that’s easy to visualize falling in love to. With angelic vocals and quiet acoustic guitar, it’s perfect for the gentle fall season.


6. Horse to Water – Tall Heights

Tall Heights tells a story of warmer love in a colder season. “I was beside myself, I stood out in the cold, in an empty parking lot my breath was steaming hot… I willed the car to start and bring me home to you.” It’s a beautiful, visual song that can’t be overlooked.


7. East Atlanta Love Letter – 6LACK

This song is everything. 6LACK crafts a crooning love song out of a soft, patient beat featuring Future alongside himself. The pace of the song along with piano in the background makes it a delicate, pensive track.


8. Halcyon – Ellie Goulding

While an acoustic guitar sets a heartbeat for this track, Ellie’s voice lifts the song to a higher place. Her repetitive “It’s gonna be better” makes for an uplifting mood in a darker season.  


9. The Night We Met – Lord Huron

If you’ve seen 13 Reasons Why, this song will probably be familiar to you. It’s extremely bittersweet, but for a good dose of nostalgia. Give it a listen.


10. I’ll Be Good – Jaymes Young

A song of self-forgiveness and growth, this alternative/indie track is perfect for a season of self-love and change.


11. W.D.Y.W.F.M.? – The Neighbourhood

Want something a little more upbeat and energetic? The Neighbourhood’s kaleidoscopic song of questions mixed with frustration is a good fit for a more lively vibe, but still fits in with fall with the alternative/indie theme.


12. Be My Baby – Ariana Grande

Yeah, it’s almost that time. If you’re excited for cuffing season, this one’s for you.


13. From Time – Drake and Jhene Aiko

A more intimate song, but still on the self-love track, Drake and Jhene Aiko speak truth about a hesitant lover while still remaining grounded with yourself.  


14. Switch – 6LACK

The premise of this 6LACK song is that if you were to walk in someone else’s shoes, you wouldn’t trade your mess for their mess. It’s a good track for keeping your head up when things start to get a little bit darker.


15. Thank u, next  – Ariana Grande

Probably the most uplifting and inspiring song you could listen to at any time about any relationship. Thank u, Ari.


Hope you enjoy these 15 songs during your fall ventures! This is just the beginning to some amazing lowkey songs to make your fall even cozier! 


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Rebecca is a Senior at BU studying Journalism and Psychology. She is a Slytherin with a passion for investigative reporting.
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