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Bid Day 1
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14 Reasons Why You Should Go Through Sorority Recruitment

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

As school picks up, and new collegiettes learn how to tackle the responsibilities of a new school and new environment, it can feel like it’s time to take on something else. Something new and exciting, why not give sorority life a try? Greek life is an incredible opportunity for any young woman, regardless of her year in school. At BU recruitment registration just opened, so here are 14 reasons why you should go through sorority recruitment.

It makes a big school smaller

BU is huge, and at times can feel really overwhelming when you don’t know anyone in the dining hall or are struggling with a difficult class. Sorority life makes it so much smaller, with over 100 girls in a chapter, someone will for sure have survived Chem 101 and be willing to help you out. Walking into a huge lecture hall? Seeing a girl with your letters on her bag gives you an instant friend in a class of 200.

Two words: Big/Little

Everyone talks about this as a reason to go Greek, and understandably so. Nothing compares to the excitement of big/ little week (and the gifts you get spoiled with) and FINALLY seeing her at reveal. Your big becomes your mentor and guide for all things sorority life and also all things real life.

Recruitment Itself is Unforgettable

Recruitment is held over a long weekend, on Friday you see all 10 chapters, and by Monday you narrow it down to your first and second choice. The time in between Friday and Monday is one of the most stressful but incredible experiences that leads to lasting friendships. “You meet some really great people. Some of whom it seems like you were destined to meet whether it’s during recruitment or in your respective sorority”—A woman in my sorority when asked why she loved it.

Bid Day

The Tuesday after recruitment weekend is Bid Night and will be one of the most exciting nights of your year. Ripping open your envelope and sprinting into the arms of girls who are all so genuinely excited to meet you is a feeling you will never forget.

The Support System

After joining a sorority you now have over 100 girls who will consistently have your back. From little things like needing to borrow a calculator from someone in the library because you have an exam in twenty minutes and yours just died, to having someone to welcome you into her home if something goes south with your roommate.


Sororities are great because they provide so many incredible leadership opportunities for young women. You can be anything from President (or CEO depending on what your sorority calls it) to New Member Director to Head of Alumni Relations. There are so many ways to get leadership experience.

This Quote

“It’s so nice to be surrounded by strong women who all have their own goals and focuses but support each other unconditionally”—One of the women in my sorority when I asked why she loves Greek Life.  Can’t really phrase it better than that.

Also This Quote

“Your sisters see your individuality as strength. They help you grow as a person and reach your goals in a supportive environment.”

Community Service Opportunities

In addition to your sorority’s philanthropy—an organization they work closely with and raise money for—you will also have service events around the community. It can be difficult to find the time to do community service, and Greek life makes it accessible and so much fun.

You Meet People of All Different Backgrounds

Girls with completely different lives than you will be your sisters, and you find all the ways you are still so similar. Getting a new perspective from a girl who sees the world differently than you is so beneficial to expanding your worldview. The best part of this is knowing that even if a girl you meet has a totally different major and set of hobbies you two have similar values because you’re in the same sorority.

You’re a part of something bigger than yourself

Sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s so true. When you join you become a part of a group that has existed for over a century. Greek Life for women began because as more women went to college they were excluded by their male peers and needed a place for women to gather in college to support one another. Now you share something special with women all over the country.

The Apparel/ The Photos/ The Crafting Opportunities

Okay these aren’t as meaningful or deep as the other things on this list, but getting things with your letters on them is amazing. Having countless adorable photo ops is a huge plus for all the scrapbooking you pretend you’re going to do, and crafting is art.

Your Grades Will Improve

I don’t know where the stereotype that sorority girls are dumb came from (probably someone sexist), but it’s so false it’s laughable. By going Greek you will be surrounded by women who value their education and work incredibly hard for good grades. With mandatory study hours and a mandatory minimum GPA, your grades will thank you for joining a sorority.

It’s not four years, it’s for life

Once again, it sounds super cheesy, and once again, it is so true. I have family friends that were in sororities when they were in college that are still close with their sisters. Take the pride you feel in your college and double it—or triple it—that’s the pride you will have in your sorority.

You might not think sorority life is for you, but I encourage you to dig deeper than this list and look up why so many women go Greek. Joining my sorority remains one of the best choices I ever made and I am a much better woman because of it.

Sophie is a junior at Boston University studying Psychology and Education. When she isn't memorizing parts of the brain or writing papers on the philosophies of teaching, she likes to dance, shop, and obsess over her pet rabbit.