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12 Ways to Decorate your Dorm Room

Whether it’s your first year of college or you’re moving back onto campus, there will always be plenty of ways to transform your room to be the best it can be. Not only should you create a comfortable study environment, but also a place that you will love to come home to for the next couple of months! Just follow some of these steps to get the perfect room you’ve always wanted!

  1. Hang up your favorite lights

  2. Spice your walls up with a tapestry

  3. Add some personality to the dorm floor with a rug

  4. Make your dorm more environmentally friendly with flowers and plants

  5. Customize your very own headboard

  6. Build a canopy to make your sleeping area more cozy

  7. Make your own branch jewelry holder

  8. Decorate and transform your plain storage boxes 

  9. Hold your bracelets with a wine bottle

  10. Replace closet drapes with customized shower curtains

  11. Personalize your desk

  12. Put up pictures of your friends and family 

You’re in college now, so have some fun! Experiment and play around with the layout of your room. There are so many ways to fix up that  bland little dorm of yours. Remember, creativity is key! 

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