12 Unconventional Songs for Valentine’s Day

Sick of the same Hallmark-like love songs on Valentine’s Day? Love songs don’t always have to be cheesy. Keep reading to discover some different songs across genres that'll be sure to please you if you're for some songs that fall outside-the-box this Valentine's Day.

1. "You and I," Wilco

Credit: Amazon

Wilco accepts love for all its ups and downs in this simple duet with Leslie Feist, who perfectly compliments his own voice here.

2. "Cupid," Sam Cooke 

Credit: JM Baule, Bandcamp

This almost sixty-year-old song proves to be a timeless song for singles wishing to change their relationship status, having been covered by the likes of Johnny Nash, Amy Winehouse, and more.

3. "Fallin’ For You," Colbie Caillat

Credit: Apple iTunes

If you’re a college student, this song is maybe a little more known to people our age, but it’s important to embrace variety–and it’s pretty catchy.

4. "Happy Valentine’s Day,” OutKast

Credit: genius.com

OutKast speculates on the complicated meaning of Valentine’s Day in this seemingly upbeat and simple track.

5. “La La Love You,” Pixies

Credit: streetdirectory.com

This song steers far away from cheesiness with its straightforward lyrics, hammering its point home.

6. "Iris," The Goo Goo Dolls 

Credit: Wikipedia.com

This is another classic. Not one to ignore how the instrumental parts (especially the guitar solo) perfectly compliment the vocals as they build up.

7. "If There’s Such a Thing as Love," The Magnetic Fields

Credit: Youtube.com

In this alternative song, you can find the best of the "why not" attitude when it comes to love. 

8. "Sea of Love," Cat Power

Credit: Youtube.com

Covering the Phil Phillips song, Cat Power adds a simple vision of a near-perfect relationship.

9. "Tugboat," Galaxie 500

Credit: Youtube.com

At its purest, this song is a classic indie love song. 

10. "Valentine’s Day," LANY

Credit: Thedailylistening.com

And now for a newer, sadder song: LANY’s honest take on heartbreak.

11. "Lost in Love," Brockhampton 

Credit: Genius.com

The darker side of love is explored in this mellow track: what happens when relationships become unhealthy?

12. "Funny Little Frog," Belle and Sebastian 

Credit: Amazon

Don’t forget to smile after the last two songs...

Even if it was just one song, I hope you found something for yourself on this list. Whatever your plans are, have a great Valentine’s Day!


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