12 Reasons Why Hedgehogs Are the Cutest Critters on the Planet

Everyone loves cats, dogs, rabbits, and the occasional guinea pig. But, hedgehogs are definitely underrated little critters. Trust me, after seeing a few photos you’ll be in love with them too. Here are a few reasons why they literally are the cutest critters on the planet!

  1. 1. They're Tiny

    We’re obsessed with lil’ ones. These little critters just fit in the palm of your hand.

  2. 2. Sometimes They Just Want to Curl Up and Hide From the World.

    We’ve all been there. Sometimes you’ve just had a bad day and want to run away from the world. Sometimes we just want to curl up and hide instead of facing everything. :)

  3. 3. They’re Friends to All.

    Besides being among the cutest creatures on the planet, they are just so friendly. They’re curious to meet other little critters around.

  4. 4. They’re So Cute in Costume.

    You can dress them up as your favorite movie characters, or other animals. Plus, they are so photogenic to quickly make up most of your instagram feed.

  5. 5. They are Portable Pets. 

    You can take them anywhere. Put them in costume and take them out for a day on the green, or a night on the town.

  6. 6. They’re Always Up for an Adventure.

    You can take ‘em for a hike. Take them for a stroll. Or, maybe even on your errands to the grocery store and the post office.

  7. 7. They’re Candidates for Prime Minister of a Satirical Political Party in New Zealand.

    The Kiwis know what they’re doing. Honestly, we should also be rooting for our next hedgie US president. How could you not be proud of this little face?

  8. 8. They’re Just so Curious.

    They’re just like us. They’re constantly curious about the world around them and want to learn more. And, how could you deny them that? I mean, look at that little face.

  9. 9. They’re Just Adorable.

    Maybe it just plays into their curious nature. They are very foolish and getting into situations--however cute ones. They’re always getting their noses stuck in something.

  10. 10. They Get Into All Sorts of Situations.

    The legit definition of ‘adorable.’ With their spiny, tiny bodies, little nose, chubby cheeks and darling smile, how could they not captivate the definition of adorable?

  11. 11. SO.

    Literally, just watching them for a few seconds will quickly bring a smile to your face. I mean, just look at them. How could you not fall in love with that little face.

  12. 12. CUTE. 

    Honestly, we could just look at pictures of them all day. They’re just so cute and their perky smiles could brighten anyone’s day. Next time you’re feeling sad, scroll through some hedgie accounts.

Some of us may be cat people or dog people, but among the cutest is the hedgehog. After having seen all the photos, I’m sure you’ll agree with me too!

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