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It’s fun to peruse Netflix looking for shows and movies you’d likely never watch had you not exhausted the abundant list of options. However, a lot of us have treasured TV shows that cannot be beat by any new and upcoming content. For me, New Girl sits on the top tier of greatest TV shows ever made. It is the only program that I can repeatedly watch in which I am physically incapable of holding in my laughter. The humor, I believe, largely comes from fleeting, momentary episodes of comedy that are so unique and tailored to the personalities of the characters that laughter can’t help but force its way out of you. So, whether you’re an avid fan, or curious about the show, here is a list of those brief but iconic moments that is sure to build your appreciation for New Girl


1. When Nick jams out to “Cotton Eyed Joe”

Few moments are funnier than the few seconds when Nick is fist pumping to his favorite song and Jess simply asks, “Why did you need me for this?”


2. When Schmidt cries over a bowl of grapes

Schmidt gets lonely after moving out of the loft and sobs that the grapes (or “gra-peys” as he calls them) are his only friends.


3. When Winston watches Nick dive into a pit

During their memorable camping trip, Jess wanders into Nick’s bear trap (a poorly concealed ditch meant to catch Thanksgiving dinner). Nick dives in after her, and Winston sums up all our thoughts perfectly when he asks, “Head first… Why?”


4. When Jess fires a gun

You know instantly that something is going to go wrong when Jess refers to the rifle as a “Boomstick.” And sure enough, after requesting a backstory to contextualize her anger towards the tin can she’s supposed to shoot, she takes out the electric box instead.


5. When Nick is intimidated by a fancy restaurant

Nick is waiting for Schmidt to show up; “Where are you Schmidt? This place is fancy and I don’t know which fork to kill myself with.”


6. When Schmidt conquers his fear of dead bodies

Schmidt is terrified to attend the funeral of Nick’s father as he doesn’t want to see the dead body. He overcomes this fear, however, in the unforgettable moment when his head is forced into the coffin. When he lifts his head up, he declares he can do this, “All Day!” We’ll never think of funerals the same way again.


7. When Winston plays a funeral song for Nick

The whole loft stays late at the bar lamenting the fact that Nick might have cancer. They dramatically mourn Nick as if he has already passed, and in the midst of their drunken and childish reactions, Winston cranks out a number on the piano, repeatedly singing, “this is a sad song.” It is downright ridiculous and unquestionably hilarious.


8. When Jess plays Elvis

Taking us back to the funeral for Nick’s dad, Jess is forced to become Elvis when the hired Elvis impersonator (a drunk Nick found at the bar) passes out. Only Jess could pull off an impromptu and chaotic, “In the Ghetto,” at someone’s funeral and have us laughing throughout the process.


9. When Nick curses his relationship with Caroline (again)

New Girl fans are no stranger to the anguish Nick feels towards his relationship with his ex, Caroline. But, a particularly memorable moment comes when Nick asks, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” and answers his own question with, “No… a summer’s day is not a bitch.”


10. When Schmidt decides to teach Jess to online date

Jess wants Schmidt to give her a run-down on the ins and outs of Dice, an online dating app similar to Tinder. Schmidt initially refuses, but then randomly wakes up Jess, in the middle of the night, to declare “I will teach you Dice.”


11. When Nick accidentally falls for Jess’ mom

Things go sideways during Jess’ Thanksgiving parent trap scheme when Nick momentarily crushes on Jess’ mom. He squirts turkey juice all over the kitchen and when Jess can only glare at him, he responds with the legendary, “Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably.”


There are countless, hysterical moments that I have not provided. But, hopefully, this list has given you a good laugh and has inspired you to open up Netflix and watch an episode (or a season) of New Girl. There are few TV shows that can parallel it in comedy and in chemistry.


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Emilee is a BU alumni from Charleston, South Carolina. She graduated with a BA Latin American Studies and a minor in Comparative Literature.  In addition to writing for Her Campus she enjoys reading, grabbing coffee with friends, and playing in the snow. She takes frequent trips to Ontario- the home of her family and grew up riding horses. Her favorite show is New Girl and she sees every day as an opportunity to pet a new dog. 
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