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10 Stages of Finding a Weekend Outfit

As girls, we face one of the greatest challenges known to (wo)mankind- what to wear out. It is a grueling, time-consuming, and torturous process that happens every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. In other words: Every. Single. Weekend. “Crop top or no crop top?” “I already have a profile picture in this shirt so I can’t wear it.” “It’s cold out but I’m literally not wearing a jacket out.” “Why did I even buy this?”

No matter how many times we go shopping, we will still always have “nothing” to wear. 

While on that hanger, we present…the 11 stages of the “going out” process: 

1. “I need to look hot tonight.”

Beauty on the inside doesn’t get you free drinks!

2. Decide the type of look you are going for.

If only the “I don’t care” look was acceptable.

3. Search through every piece of clothing you own.

Until your entire wardrobe is basically thrown on the floor.

4. “WTF. I have no clothes.”

“No clothes” translates as: A whole closet full of clothes that you hate and don’t want to wear.

5. “I’m literally going to the gym every day next week.”


And no more Dominoes.


*Start yelling and whipping shirts around the room*

7. I’m staying in.

At least Netflix doesn’t care what I’m wearing.

8. Friends convince you to come.

“Shut up. You look amazing. You’re coming.”

9. “Ugh fine.”

But, no pictures are being taken.

10. Throw on the first outfit you tried on and stumble out in heels. 

11. Stumble off in heels and not care what you have on. 

Cheers to the weekend!

Brianne is a junior at BU where she is majoring in Public Relations and minoring in going out Monday-Sunday. She refers to Vogue as her bible, is addicted to instagram and the Real Housewives, and considers mimosas to be a food group. 
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