10 Reasons You Should Rush for a Sorority

You’re thinking about rushing. You’re not totally sure. Neither was I. I had no clue what each sorority meant. I didn’t know the lingo and I felt so confused. But now I’m a proud Gamma Phi Beta who thinks everyone should improve their college experience with Greek life.

10. Because college life is insane. It seems like there are a thousand groups and it’s hard to find your own way. You know some of the things that you are interested in, but even the clubs seem ginormous and overwhelming. You feel as though there is no way that you will ever be able to navigate a college campus. Rush. A sorority will act as your foundation. They will be the rock that you have that will make your college campus seem so much smaller. You will walk into a lecture classroom and already know people. You will walk down the street and say so many hellos to your sisters and other people in Greek life in general.

9. Because it will help you in your future. You will gain so many skills from being in a sorority. You will gain inter-personal and interviewing skills. You will gain an ability to talk to absolutely anyone about absolutely anything. You will learn how to present yourself. You will learn about posture and the etiquette necessary to be the best you that you can be. Plus, jobs love to see experiences in a sorority presented well. You will gain so much experience with philanthropy and professional experience as well. Future jobs will be so impressed with all of your experience and your ability to act in a professional manner.

8. Your wonderful, beautiful, amazing big. She will be perfect. Sure, she will shower you with love and affection. She will give you presents during Big Little week. But she will also be so much more. Your big chose you. She loves you and wants to be close with you. When your friends, boyfriends, family, etc. feels like a convoluted mess, your big is there as your best friend and mentor to help you and give you advice. She is magical, like a unicorn, but even more rare. She is priceless and she will get you in so many ways.

7. You will have an incredible system of academic support. There’s bound to be at least one girl in your major in your sorority. And even if there isn’t, there will be someone who knows someone in your major. Between proctored study hours and honor study hours, you will be forced to get into academics. Academics are a huge part of the sorority, and they have rigorous standards about GPAs, so you won’t be slipping through the cracks. Although many have the misconception that a sorority will affect your GPA in a bad way, this is definitely not true. Your sisters will have your back, you can form study groups with them or just have study buddies to make sure you’re on the right track.

6. Because it will force you to grow and be social. Sororities aren’t the stereotypical constant party that it is made to seem like in the movies. There are a lot of events like recruitment, Founders Days, Philanthropy events, etc. that you will have to be on your social game. It will bring you out of your shell, so to speak, and force you to be a louder, more heard version of yourself.

5. Because it forces you to think about those who don’t have as much. Since your sorority will be affiliated with some sort of philanthropy, you will have to attend those events, fundraise, and be put in positions in which you are giving charity. The sorority will make sure that you are incredibly well rounded and that you are exposed to those less fortunate than you. This is great exposure, the philanthropy will look amazing on a resume, but it will also give you an incredible sense of humility.

4. They will offer you a network for the rest of your life. If you decide to continue your membership after you leave the university, you will be an alumni. Your university years are only the start of what can grow out of your sorority experience. There is so much that you can be involved in after your years in college are over. They can continue to be a support group for you and women that you depend on and can reach out to, no matter what district you are a part of, for the rest of your life.

3. They are your home away from home and the place that you belong. You will have your place. You will feel comfortable knowing that your sisters have your back and that you are supported by an incredible group of girls with similar interests and likes and dislikes as you. They will be your rock, and if you’re falling apart, you can always count on your sisters to catch you. They are your niche. If you’re feeling lost and scared at your university, rush. It will make you feel as though you really do have a place.

2. You will make incredible memories. You’ll paint a greek rock in the freezing cold, or go to your formal or date party. You’ll binge watch an entire season of a show, or a sister will help you out when you’re down. No matter what your individual memories are, they will be so important and wonderful. No one can take these away from you. You will be able to look back on your college years knowing that you made amazing memories with wonderful women who you can keep in your life forever.

1. The most amazing, rewarding, and exciting friendships of your life. You will have so much fun and incredibly bond with your sisters. Sisterhood with the girls in your sorority is one of the most amazing bonds that a girl can have. It might be cliché, but you really will find your future bridesmaids. You will find women who are strong and powerful and beautiful and who make you feel like you’re freaking special! Your bonds with your sisters will change your life and you will appreciate your sisters forever.