10 Best Stocking-Stuffer Gift Cards for under $25

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers or even just a small gift for your roommates, sorority sisters, or for a Yankee swap, look no further! As poor college girls, there’s nothing we like more than getting a gift card to one of our favorite places. And luckily, if you’re the gift-giver, a giftcard for $20-$25 can go a long way! Check out one of these 10 giftcards that can make one of your friends very happy this holiday seson!


Need I say more? With so many locations here at BU, a Starbucks giftcard is a no-brainer. Especially with the cold winter months ahead of us, you’ll make sure your friends will be warm and energized before every class next semester!

Barnes and Noble

A Barnes & Noble giftcard can buy way more than just books, especially at our BU Barnes & Noble! Your friends can use their giftcard for books, BU apparel, dorm decorations, furniture, and school supplies!

Forever 21

Every college girl loves her Forever 21. Plus, as we all know, even $25 can go a long way at Forever 21! With cute stuff at cheap prices, your friends will be best dressed for the new semester.


With the awesome Loews theater so close to BU, there is nothing better than heading to the movies on a Friday night to see that new chick flick! Plus, you’ll definitely get the invite when your friends head to the movies to use their giftcards!


All college girls love a fresh manicure! There are plenty of nail salons in and around BU that even offer student discounts so one $25 giftcard may even buy 2 manis!


Your friends will be able to add new movies, songs and videos to their new semester playlist!


When your friends need to buy their new books, an amazon giftcard will definitely come in handy. Plus, they can also buy phone cases, school supplies, accessories and decorations. Let's be honest - you can buy anything on Amazon!

Victoria’s Secret

New semester = new underwear! With so many cute bras for $25 and under, the classic 7 for $27 underwear deal, plus the makeup, lotions and active-wear clothes, your friends will find everything they need to look and feel great.


Every college girl loves Sephora! You and your friends can take a shopping trip and spend hours walking around, testing new makeup and creating a new look for the new semester.


Did you know Uber makes giftcards? Well, they do! An Uber giftcard is perfect for any college student and especially for students here at BU! Give your friends a free ride around campus and hopefully you’ll get the invite!