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Want to Spice Up Your Dorm Walls? These 4 Artists Have You Covered

Natalie Andrewson

Andrewson is a comic artist, illustrator, and Riso printmaker whose art is so magical it should be included in every beloved children’s storybook. Her prints are perfect for anyone who is drawn to fantasy or nature-based work. You can browse her store here.

Libby Frame

Witches and flora and fauna, oh my! Frame’s work is evocative of everything autumn — from cute girls bundled up in warm clothing to a rustic cabin overtaken by mushrooms, every piece of her merchandise complements the aesthetics of the season. Check out her shop here.


Karolina is an artist and game developer whose work is truly unique. They first caught my attention by posting an animation they created using Inchworm Animation II on a Nintendo 3DS, and I’ve been devotedly following them since. If you’re interested in more surreal, outlandish work, then Karolina is the artist for you. Visit their shop here.

Sarah Lasater

Lasater manages to make their imperfect lines and cartoonish characters both endearing and compositionally strong — which, from the perspective of a non-visual artist, seems like quite an impressive feat. Take a look at Lasater’s intimate, cozy scenes on their Instagram and shop; their art does wonders for making a dorm room feel like home!

Avery Matteo

Bryn Mawr '22

Avery Matteo is a junior at Bryn Mawr College from Charlottesville, Virginia. Her interests include reading, traveling, and sleeping during every available moment. In her free time, she is either listening to podcasts, indie music, or sprinkling Disney Parks facts on her unsuspecting friends. She can be found as @memeteo on Instagram.
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