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Top Five Study Spots on Bryn Mawr’s Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryn Mawr chapter.



One of the unfortunate realities of college is the studying that comes along with it. In order to be successful, studying is a requirement. However, having gorgeous and engaging places to do it in makes it a lot better. Here at Bryn Mawr, there’s tons of great spots to hit the books in. These are just five of them!


  1. Canaday Library.

Canaday Library is one of three libraries on Bryn Mawr’s campus. Canaday is my personal favorite. With numerous tables spread around the floors and desks tucked into the corners, it’s a great place to cozy into for a couple of hours of silent studying.

2. The Lusty Cup.

Right by Canaday Library (it’s actually connected to it) is the Lusty Cup. Grab a cup of coffee or a delicious Hope’s cookie to fuel your review before finals. It’s a little more lively than the quiet libraries, but still subdued enough to focus.

3. The Campus Center.

If you want a place where you can check your mail during a break, this is where you should head! Full of cozy armchairs and tables, the Campus Center is the perfect place to curl up with your English book or spread your Chemistry materials all around. Uncommon Grounds, a cafe right on the floor, sells tons of coffee and food from 8-12, so it’s wonderful during those all-nighters.

4. Your own dorm room.

Studying is hard. We all know that. So if you just can’t even, not leaving your dorm might be the best option. Utilize the desk we have to keep in our dorms and hit the books in there. Just be sure to sit at your desk, and avoid the temptation of spreading out on your bed for just one moment. Before you know it, you’ve fallen asleep!


5. An empty classroom.

There are more of these than you think. Whether it’s just you or a study group, it’s easy to discover a classroom not being used that you can hit the books in. The Q Center and Writing Center also kind of fall into this category, and the tutors in the offices are more than happy to help you study for a math test or finish that killer paper. The classrooms are quiet, as well. Just ask!


Although studying isn’t the best aspect of college, it’s a necessary one that can be made better by great places to do it in. Happy studying, Mawrters!

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Samantha is a sophomore at Bryn Mawr College majoring in English. She's originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and can confirm that the winters are just as cold as you've heard. She's passionate about books, writing, girls' education, and Harry Styles. If she's not in class, you can find her studying in the library, grabbing brunch with her friends, or taking a yoga class. If you want to read Samantha's past work, you can find it on the Her Campus Bryn Mawr section.