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The Top 3 Thrift Stores For Bryn Mawr Students

Thrifting is a great way to personalize your closet and discover unique pieces that represent you. Some thrift stores require time to sort through their selection and find gems hidden deep within the racks of clothing. Here we break down the best thrifting spots in the Bryn Mawr and Philadelphia area. 

Cherry Street Pier is located along the Delaware River. The once trade center was recently renovated to host events, art studios, galleries, food and antique vendors. On the first Friday and last Sunday of every month, the pier hosts a flea market. This is a great opportunity to shop from different vendors and look at a variety of different clothing. There are vendors who specialize in vintage jackets, accessories and art. It’s also a great excuse to explore Philadelphia!

If going into Philadelphia doesn’t fit into your schedule, there are also thrifting opportunities in Bryn Mawr! Piccadilly Court Consignment is a local favorite among Bryn Mawr Students. Located by the Bryn Mawr train station, the shop is a short walk from campus. The store has vintage collectibles and a good selection of clothing items.

Maybe you’re in the mood to shop from the comforts of your own bed (we all have those days). Luckily, there are many online thrifting stores with their own unique styles. I personally love @thriftwhipped on Instagram. Thrift Whipped is a great vintage and second-hand shop that posts unique (and oftentimes upcycled) clothing items on their Instagram account. Customers can bid in the comments or pledge the set “bin” price, which guarantees them the item. The one drawback is that you have to pay attention to the account to score items you like.

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