My Top 5 Songs of the Month

These are some songs that I’ve been constantly blasting through my speakers this past month. Some of these aren’t necessarily “new” in terms of release date, but they’re still pretty awesome. This month’s songs seem to be really emotionally rooted; maybe I’m just really in my feels at the moment? Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

“Bad Blood” - NAO (on iTunes)

I just found out about NAO with this song a couple of weeks ago, and I’m obsessed! In this song, she reminisces about an old friendship that she no longer has.

“Medicine” - Queen Naija (on iTunes)

This one goes out to all my girls going through a break up because your significant other cheated. It’s about revenge and fighting fire with fire. “Give you a taste of your own medicine” is one of my favorite lyrics.

“Worth It” - Young Thug (on iTunes)

Nothing can compare to this artist’s infamous dress album cover. Young Thug talks about this special girl, whom he’s experienced everything with. Through difficult times she’s ultimately “worth it.”

“Amorfoda” - Bad Bunny (on iTunes)

Bad Bunny singing in a slow-beat song? Umm…. This is a first! Bad Bunny sings of broken hearted thoughts and his rejection of love.

“Moon River” - Frank Ocean (on iTunes)

Frank does a cover of Audrey Hepburn’s song from Breakfast at Tiffany’s! This man just never fails to surprise me.