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After months of seeing the Instagram ads of people applying a foundation that perfectly matches their skin after taking a quiz, I eventually caved and took that quiz for myself. Now that product is one of my favorites, along with a couple of others that I love right now. The following products range in price from cheap to slightly on the pricier side. They are also all cruelty-free and vegan, which is the most important factor for me when picking out products. 

As previously mentioned, my newest obsession is the Il Makiage foundation. This brand is known for having you take a quiz that matches you with the perfect foundation. It asks questions to help you find the right shade and even lets you customize what type of coverage you want. I chose the medium coverage option, which I love because it covers everything up without feeling or looking too cakey on my face. It’s $45, but they offer a free trial of your first bottle, making it a more affordable option. The customizable features are great to get a foundation that’s perfect for you.

I have also been loving the Elf Camo Concealer. At only $6, it’s affordable but also of great quality. It’s a high coverage concealer that I personally love, especially paired with my medium coverage foundation. It covers everything up and has a beautiful matte finish. 

If you’re on Tik Tok, then you may have heard of Mikayla Nogueira. This makeup Tik Toker released her own makeup line with the brand Glamlite, and the eyeshadow palette is my current favorite. The Mikayla x Glamite Palette is great because it has a wide variety of different shades. I typically use the shades “Harley,” “How ya Doin’” and “Willow,” for an everyday natural look. The palette also has bright blues, purples and greens. I love the matte pink and purple shades “Iconic” and “MJ.” There are also gorgeous shimmer shades like “Immaculate” and “Manifest,” which I love to use as well. It’s slightly more on the expensive side at $42, but it’s a super versatile and high-quality palette. 

When it comes to lip products, NYX has my heart. I am currently obsessed with their Suede Matte Lip Liner and the Butter Gloss. At a total of $9 for both products, it’s my go-to option for the times when I don’t need to wear a mask. The Butter Gloss is fairly popular and comes in nearly 50 different shades. 

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