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My Favorite Main Line Bakeries

Sometimes, the only thing that can cure the beginning-of-semester blues (or the end-of-semester blues, or the middle-of-semester ones) is a delicious sweet treat. While cookies, donuts and cake from the supermarket taste great, every once in a while it’s worth it to treat yourself to fresh baked goods from a local bakery. Here a few of my favorites in the Bryn Mawr area.

The Bakery House – Bryn Mawr

This bakery has every baked good you could ever want—and free samples of various baked goods for you to try when you walk in. I’ve gotten the most delicious birthday cakes here, including a vegan cake that I was convinced was non-vegan because it tasted so good. If you haven’t been here yet, take a trip down Lancaster and check it out.

Hope’s Cookies – Bryn Mawr

Although Hope’s isn’t exactly a bakery, I’m including it because it’s a local business and I can’t get enough of their cookies. While Insomnia Cookies are delicious, I like Hope’s Cookies a little better. I like that they have a little more texture to them (sorry if that doesn’t make sense; I’m not a food critic so I have no idea how to describe it!). They have more fun flavors than Insomnia that change often. They can also be delivered if you want an Insomnia-like experience.

Gryphon Cafe – Wayne

Gryphon isn’t really a bakery either; it’s more of a coffee shop with baked goods and sandwiches. The coffee drinks are delicious and so are the cookies, croissants, and breads. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than a coffee and a pastry, so I suggest you take the trip up here. There’s another legitimate bakery in Wayne called the Spring Mill Bread Company; I’ve never tried it, but it smells so good every time I pass by. I’m going to try to get there this semester!

I hope you got some sweet inspiration for your next trip into town and beyond!

Maria Bohan

Bryn Mawr '21

I'm a Bryn Mawr College junior who still gets excited about the little things in life. English major/Education minor.
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