Meet Vanessa Shehu, HC Bryn Mawr Writer!

This week, we're continuing to introduce our newest team members. Today, we'll be learning more about Vanessa Shehu, HC Bryn Mawr writer!

Name: Vanessa Shehu

Class Year: 2022

Major/Minor: Biology/Economics

Other Organizations I'm Involved With: Bi-College Newspaper, Grace Covenent Church, Erdman Dining Services, Bi-Co Neuroscience Club

Favorite Food: This is an enigma! If I have to choose, my favorite is cherry pie.

Why I came to Bryn Mawr, and why I chose to stay: 

I came to Bryn Mawr because I felt this was the place I could explore STEM in a nurturing, woman-centered environment. I have found that my professors have built me up to pursue my passions for science and mathematics even when it gets difficult. I have chosen to stay for that reason primarily, but also because I love Bryn Mawr's essence-quirky traditions, a history that I feel every time I walk by the castle-like buildings, and the wonderful friends that I have made. I feel at home.