Meet Our Team: Valeria Aguilera

Valeria joined us as a writer at the beginning of this semester. Going through her interview, I could totally see how these parts herself that she had mentioned have been reflected in the articles she’s written. I hope that these interviews with our team members offer you deeper insights into the articles we share!

Photo courtesy of Valeria Aguilera

Pronouns: She/her

Major: Sociology, Anthropology

Minor: Latin American, Iberian, Latino Studies

Class: 2020

What’s something people should know about you?

I’m a very loud person once you get to know me. I love to laugh and hang out with my friends. I’m a first generation woman of color college student and I’m not afraid to say so! I’m a Spanish TA, así que si necesitas ayuda aquí estoy. I’m also a great listener.

What’s something people should know about you? -answered by a friend

“I would say how much music Valeria listens to and her wide range in music. Like sometimes she plays oldies, then some indie, then some new rap.”

Why did you choose Bryn Mawr?

Like many people I know say, I didn’t know I would end up in a women's college! I chose Bryn Mawr because of the rich traditions and the community atmosphere. I also wanted to go out of state, so coming to Pennsylvania and being next to a huge city was a definite pro.

What made you interested in Her Campus?

I was interested in Her Campus to write about anything and everything! I love that it’s a platform where I can just write stuff and have it published on an actual website. It’s also super fun.

What other activities are you involved with on campus? Off campus?

On campus I’m part of the Mujeres* affinity group for Latinx students in the Tri-Co. I love being a part of Mujeres* because I get to connect with people who identify in the same ways I do. I’m also in Redefine Her Street, which is a club focused on building business connections in a liberal arts college.

What are some of your hobbies?

Some of my hobbies include, dancing, listening to music, hanging out with my friends and going out to parties. When I’m not in school, I FaceTime my parents and brothers all the time because they live across the country (Arizona).

What are you currently obsessed with?

One thing I just have to say, also kind of a given from my Instagram username (@lovesfrankocean), is that I’m obsessed with Frank Ocean! I have been since 7th grade and his voice is just so angelic and his lyrics hit me so hard. He’s my love; he’s simply amazing.

I’m rewatching Parks and Rec right now and on my way to rewatch The Office too, because who doesn’t love Leslie Knope and Michael Scott?

Currently obsessed with reggaeton music as well, Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Maluma, J Balvin, the whole group of Latinx musicians.

Also obsessed with rosy pink lipstick, or rather different shades of pink lipsticks; like, I wear it on a daily basis.

What’s your favorite method of self-care?

My best method of self-care is sleep hands down. I loveeee sleep--the more the merrier. I also like to put face masks on cause they’re really soothing. I also like to cozy up with a blanket when it’s cold out. The usual.

What are some things you’re up to and how can we support you?

I’m currently in the process of a class project with my Sociology of Migration course and we will be showcasing some form of presentation to BMC towards the end of the year. There’s still some time but I really want everyone to come through!

Also, the Mujeres* culture show is on April 14th and open to the public; come and support the Latinx community!

Anything else you’d like the Bryn Mawr community to know about you?

I’m a really nice person and love to communicate with people! If you ever see me on campus feel free to say hi or have a chit chat. Let’s talk music, inequality on campus, Netflix shows, J Balvin’s new song, whatever comes to mind!

Thank you for your time Valeria!

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