Meet Katherine Mallea, Dorm President

Meet Kat! She was one of my three roommates freshmen year, and she is now my co-Dorm President for Pembroke East. She is very sweet and is always willing to have a dance party!


Pronouns: She/ Her

Major/Minor: Major in Biology Minor in Chemistry

Class: 2020


Why did you choose Bryn Mawr, and why did you choose to stay?

I had not heard of Bryn Mawr before the application process in high school. It wasn't until my Junior Year when I was notified that I had been nominated for the POSSE scholarship that Bryn Mawr popped into the pool of possibilities of schools. Being that Bryn Mawr was the only STEM school that my city's Posse offered I applied no questions asked! I stepped foot on Bryn Mawr's Campus about 4 months after I was accepted ED, and I immediately fell in love with the campus. Although for most students the first year or two of college can be turbulent, it's not until they find a home in Bryn Mawr that they start to feel a part of the school. For me, it wasn't until the second semester of my Sophomore year where I found my home in a Bible Study Group that made me want to stay at Bryn Mawr for good!


What's your favorite memory from your time at Bryn Mawr?

I have so many! But I would have to say from freshman year WTF/ Hell Week was definitely the highlight of the year, and each year as I watch the first years participate in the strange yet fun Bryn Mawr Tradition!


What's your favorite way to relax?

Laying on my bed watching The Office and snacking!


What do you do as Dorm President?

As a Dorm President of East, I oversee the questions and concerns of the dorm as a whole! I also hold meetings with the rest of the DLT from time to time to see how the dorm is as a whole.  You oversee the big parties and events of the dorm such as East vs West and WTF week.


What are your favorite spots in Bryn Mawr or Philly?

If you can't find me in Park Science Building's New Lobby section, you'll probably see me studying in the Bryn Mawr Starbucks or on my way to Chinatown for some bubble tea with friends!


What do you look forward to the most this year?

My classes! I'm finally done with school-wide requirements, which means I can geek out on my Bio and Chem classes!


Anything else you'd like the Bryn Mawr Community to know about you?

I am super friendly and love saying hi to people! I might not seem as such because I am much for reserved and to myself, but if you say hi I'll enthusiastically respond!