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Julia Shreiber

Name: Julia Shreiber

Hometown: Bala Cynwyd, PA (the main line… Haha) 

Year: 2018

Major: Psychology

Minor: “At the moment I don’t have a declared minor, but I’m currently taking two neuroscience courses so I may end up declaring!”

What made you choose Bryn Mawr? “I wanted to be in an academically rigorous environment where everyone around me was equally as interested and invested in their education and future as I am. I also wanted a close knit environment where I could grow not just academically but through my surrounding environment and cultures from a diverse student body – and Bryn Mawr has all of that!” 

What are some of your favorite study spaces around campus? “I love going to the London room! It’s such a cozy space. I also really enjoy studying in Thomas classrooms after hours. I feel more productive in a purely academic environment.” 

Do you have any sage studying advice as midterm season approaches? “Get ahead of your work if you can! I know it’s tempting when Netflix automatically starts the next episode, but getting ahead of your work is a smart idea. Scheduling your time is also something I suggest. It can seem overwhelming when you have exams and papers and regular weekly readings, but if you try to budget your time, it’ll suddenly seem way more manageable.” 

Favorite thing to make at the dining halls? “Waffles! They make for an awesome breakfast, or add some chocolate chips and coconut flakes and you have a tasty dessert with your friends! I’m also known to have an avocado with me from time to time .. Bagel with cream cheese and avocado is my go to Sunday brunch.” 

WTF Week is nigh. As a Rose this year, what are you most excited for? “I’m excited just to share the whole experience with my 4 buds. I never imagined I’d have that many. I can’t wait for them to carry on my favorite family traditions ;)”

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