Ice Ice, Baby

Ice Skating at Penn's Landing, 2016

Every year, the Bryn Mawr College Student Activities office organizes an incredibly fun trip to Penn's Landing where students skate the night away. Typically, it is late night ice skating, just for an extra fun twist, but this year it returns to a decent hour. There was a scare last semester when it was not offered; some students clear their weekends jut for this event. Luckily (or maybe not, depends on your perspective), winter has settled in so it is cold enough to sustain an ice rink. All dreams of being like Michelle Trachtenberg in Ice Princess can now come true.

This upcoming Friday, February 12 is the night many will remember as a highlight of their Bryn Mawr career. Just $10 gets a student transportation to and from Philly and covers the ticket and skate rental. What a steal! 

One of the best incentives to go is that the location not only has an outdoor skate arena overlooking the river, but indoor facilities as well. Arcades, a small cafe, seating areas, and more help make the experience even better. For those used to ice skating in the great outdoors, it is super easy to never want to leave the ice. For those who are beginners or want a snack, the other options are wonderful; not to mention that your Instagram account will also be filled with lots of gorgeous images from this picturesque location. As an added bonus, popular tunes play in the background for that epic Snapchat Story video (don't forget to use that MPH option while you skate!). There were also attempts to make a music video on ice in the past; some of those ended in epic fails and falls. 

In any event, each individual who attends this annual field trip is sure to have a (ice) blast!