How to Survive Finals BMC Style

As the semester winds down and stress levels skyrocket, here are a few ways to make it until home:


This may seem counterintuitive to you night owl types, but taking care of yourself is the key to success. Sleep deprivation leads to more unproductivity. 


Spending a study break with a friend or watching a TV show lets your brain reset and re-focus. Self Care at BMC always hosts movie screenings with massage chairs during the last few weeks; sign up for a slot and pamper yourself!

3) EAT! 

From teas that the DLT host to make their quota, to KCass's pop-ups, to late night snacks at the dining hall, take advantage of all the free food when you need a snack to refuel or you don't feel motivated enough to get to the dining hall.

4) Go Outside!

The weather has been surprisingly nice for this time of year, so go grab some fresh air! The stuffiness of the libraries can really affect the way you work and your mood. 

5) Switch up your Schedule

Throw a little packing into study time. Go to dinner at a different hour if you are hungry. Head over to Starbucks or Hot House or the town Library for a change of scenery. Decorate your door with a little holiday cheer. Distracting yourself for a bit will help keep up motivation to finish strongly. 

6) Treat Yo Self

Indulge in something when you finish a big task! Having a tangible reward can help motivate you to finish sooner rather than later. 


As dangerous as YouTube or Facebook can be, watch something to make yourself laugh! As Elle Woods always says, "Endorphins make you happy."

8) Reach Out

You are definitely not the only person suffering through finals. Talk to a friend, even from a different school, and Let It Go. Lean on your DLT members for support--it is their job and passion to help their hallmates and dormmates through rough patches. 

9) Prepare for the Holidays!

Create a simple cute decoration or make your present wishlist for the holiday you celebrate! 

10) Start a Countdown

If it helps you to make a countdown until you leave, mark it on your calendar or make a flipbook counting down the days until you leave for home. If it stresses you out more, don't look at a calendar and go with the flow. 


This is arguably the best hall tea of the year! Your HAs give you free food and candy for your end-of-term list. Write down everything and anything (the more you write down the more candy you will get, FYI) from Laundry to packing to exams, and get those tasks accomplished so you can eat your treats!


In the end, WE WILL ALL SURVIVE! The next few weeks can be rough, but stay focused and give yourself a break so you can own this semester #likeaboss.