Gift Guide for Every Person in Your Family

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start thinking about gifts! The toughest part of the holiday season is finding the perfect gift for every type of person in your family, from the bookworms to the music lovers.  How can you find the best gifts for every person? Follow this gift guide to check some names off of your list before the holidays arrive!

The Bookworm

Why not give this person their favorite some of their favorite things -- books! Sign your favorite bookworm up for a monthly book subscription box. There are plenty to choose from based on genre, age group and interests. Check out for ideas!

The Chef

The best gift you can give a chef is inspiration in the form of recipes! Gather some of your favorite recipes and cooking tips to create a personalized cookbook for the chef! Add personal touches like recipes named after each member of your family or anecdotes to supplement each entry. Get some kitchen utensils and tools and make a chef-worthy gift basket to take this gift a step further!

The Traveler

If you have a family member that always seems to be on the move, why not gift them with a way to preserve all the memories they make along the way? Gather some photo albums or scrapbooks, and begin a memory book for the traveler. Print some of their Facebook pictures and arrange them together. Throw in some extra scrapbook material to encourage your family member to continue recording their travels for display!

The Music Lover

Gift your favorite musician with new and unique music! Find some classic records at a thrift shop, introduce them to some of your favorite artists’ albums or find local concerts/ festivals to bring your music lover to! If someone in your family plays music, try making them their very own album with recordings of their songs/covers.