Get to know Rachel Terry!

Meet Rachel Terry! She is sophomore and is super hard to miss--her laugh and smile are contagious and literally glides around campus. She may be tall, but she is very down to earth. A beautiful, graceful dancer, she is well known in the dance department; as a math major, she is well known around Park. She spends her weekends there slaving over her work because she is committed to doing her best. She is an avid Taylor Swift fan, as evidence by her decorated room with pictures she's taken herself and with posters from most of her tours. She will be jetting off to Paris for her Junior Year Abroad this fall semester, where I am sure she will make us all jealous with fabulous pictures and stories of her travels. She absolutely adores meeting new people: she chose people she did not know to hell her to expand her circle of friends, so she would love to meet you! Walk up to her and introduce yourself! But before that, here are some fun facts about Rachel:

What kind of parade would you throw?

A Taylor Swift parade.  Everyone would dress in Taylor Swift inspired clothes, and we would blast her music and sing along.  It would be like a huge Taylor Swift dance party. 

If you could only sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?

A Taylor Swift song (see the trend?) Probably “22.”  It’s my ringtone and one of my favorites. 

What dance show would you want to be a contestant on?

Dancing with the Stars.  And my partner would be Derek Hough. 

How much pizza do you eat?

Not that much…I don’t go to Haffner very much.  More than some but less than the Haverbros.

If you were a new crayon color, what would you name yourself?

Rachel haha

What actor/actress would play you and another important person in your life?

Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel would play my mom and me…but they pretty much do already in Gilmore Girls  

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

Nothing that funny has happened…the funniest thing I can think of is that my art history teacher extended the deadline of our papers as an April Fools joke…kind of funny cause that’s the opposite of April Fools, but no one complained.

Where would you pick up and jet off to this instant?

Either Cardiff, California, New York, New York, or Paris, France.  Hard choice.

What’s a secret about Bryn Mawr that not too many people know?

Rock 1st 1st has the best shower water pressure. 

What is your favorite classroom?

Park 338.  I always take my finals there. 

What is your secret recipe for Erdman stir fry?

I don’t have one!  In my two years at Bryn Mawr, I have only made stir fry twice and only used the orange sauce, so I wasn’t that impressed with it.  I should try again. 

If you could have any job (president, CFO, housekeeper, gym instructor, etc) on campus, what would it be?

I like my role as a student. 

What will you miss the most when you go abroad?

My family. 

What’s a secret you’ve never told anyone?

I tell all my secrets.