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Cute Etsy Gift Guide By College Major

Is there any better way to personalize gifts than by college major? I’ve scoured Etsy to find fun and quirky gifts for your friends—no major left behind!

History Major — George Washington Scented Candle ($17.00)

Photo courtesy of JDandKateIndustries

With a rustic scent and witty historical facts on the label, this candle is perfect for every history major who wondered what George Washington smelled like—or just wants to come home to an aroma of whiskey and cherries. This Etsy shop has many different options, so take your pick of historical figure inspired candles ranging from Aaron Burr to Teddy Roosevelt.

English Major — Jane Austen Tea Collection ($4.77 each)

Photo courtesy of LiteraryTeaCompany

Treat your English major friends to these charming loose teas this Christmas! They’ll love having sipping on some warm Sense & Sensibilitea while reading their favorite Jane Austen novel.

Geology Major — Geologist Tote Bag ($24.95)

Photo courtesy of FuzzyandBirch

Fashionable, funny and functional—they’ll never get pesky “what’s your major” questions again!

Art History Major — Gold Leather Matisse Inspired Earrings ($39.00)

Photo courtesy of BenuMade

Although a bit on the pricier side, these elegant earrings will strike the fancy of any art history fan.

Biology Major — Anatomical Heart Mug ($14.95)

Photo courtesy of CognitiveSurplus

Ideal for keeping biology majors company during after hours study sessions. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this sturdy mug will last you all the way through medical school!

Chemistry Major — Beaker Candle ($17.00)

Photo courtesy of AtGnomeWith

No dangerous chemicals here! Just a darling candle available in 26 different scents and two “beaker” sizes.

Gender Studies Major — Fight Like a Girl Pin ($14.65)

Photo courtesy of AntoninPlusMargaux

Etsy is full of adorable enamel pins, and this one is no exception! Gift this to all your pals majoring in gender studies so they can proudly wear their opinions on their sleeves—or their lapels.

Film Studies Major — Written And Directed by Quentin Tarantino T-shirt ($12.51)

Photo courtesy of Monopoko

A shirt saying “Written And Directed by Quentin Tarantino,” purchased and gifted by you! Your film major friends will appreciate having something to wear to the premieres of all the latest flicks.

Computer Science Major — Floppy Disk Mug ($12.95)

Photo courtesy of MistPrintedHome

This retro, minimalist design is excellent for all the computer science majors who love coding more than sleep. It doesn’t hurt that it’s cute too!

Political Science Major — Nevertheless, She Persisted Cross Stitch ($25.00)

Photo courtesy of HouseOfMiranda

The immortal description of Elizabeth Warren, cross stitched and framed by a wooden hoop. Great for any burgeoning political science major who believes that a woman’s place is in the House—and the Senate!

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