Best Free Resources on Bryn Mawr's Campus

As college students, we’re all looking for places to save a buck or two in the face of mounting tuition bills. Luckily for us, Bryn Mawr offers some very useful services included with our tuition/room and board payments. I’m not putting the Health Center on my list of ones you should check out since I think it’s kind of a given, but don’t forget that you can go there, too!


Free Peer Tutoring

The college offers free tutoring services for students in certain beginner-level courses, like Elementary languages, Intro Bio, Intro Computer Science and more. You can check out the rest of the list here.


LILAC and the CPD Office offer a ton of really useful services like resume and cover letter help, Linkedin photo shoots, professional clothes for interviews and more. If you’re on work study, you can also find out about paying jobs in the community through CPD. You can use their services even after you’ve graduated!

Tech Rentals at the Libraries

From Canaday, you can rent computers, headphones, video cameras and more for personal and professional use.

RoomRes Service

If you’re looking for a cool space on campus to host a small gathering for you and your friends or a large party, Bryn Mawr allows community members to reserve many spaces on campus for personal use. You can rent out the SGA Kitchen on Cambrian Row, Rhoads Dining Hall, and more with very few questions asked, and with the opportunity to sign out a party pack with speakers. Check out the website here!