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9 Signs You’re So Ready for Spring Break

So close to vacation, but so far away. With the weather changing like crazy, it’s hard to believe “Spring” Break is coming. 

1) You start imagining you are in your Spring Break spot

Dreams of home, sunshine, home-cooked food and more distract you from studying.

2) You keep telling yourself “I’m almost there”

Nothing else seems to motivate you anymore.

3) Parents keep asking what your plans are

Even though you told them at least five times already…

4) #TBT and #FBF are directly related to your future break plans

Because that is the only thing you want to think about at the moment

5) You start talking to friends from home again

Since you are going to see them soon anyway and you want to do anything besides homework 

6) You dream of all the TV shows, books, movies, and more you can catch up on

Because work has completely dominated your life and you barely have time to eat anymore

7) Sleep seems just in your reach

Being in a cozy bed is a dream come true right now

8) You splurge a little more on outside treats

Pizza, Cookies, Starbucks and more are all at your fingertips and you forget your monthly budget for a little while

9) And you finally give yourself a pat on the back for literally anything you accomplish because you are one step closer to FREEDOM!

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