9 Reasons Why Winter Bonds Friends

This year, winter has been pushed back quite a bit. Personally, it has been glorious to not have to shiver while walking the distance from the dorms to class, but as the cold is now present, here are some reasons to celebrate it with friends:

Friends Stay in Your Room More


Even though finals are looming, a quick drop-by turns into a multi-hour affair. Not wanting to leave the warmth and comfort allows us to make excuses not to leave.

You Get to Know Your Friends on a Deeper Level


With the extra time from not wanting to leave the warmth, you can share stories never heard before. Deep bonding is sure to happen, even if lighthearted stories are the main subject.



With all that late-night discussion and desire to never leave, impromptu sleepovers are bound to happen.

You Get Free Food and Drinks


During those multi-hour hangout sessions, you are bound to get hungry! Usually your friend offers a snack to get you to stay even longer.

You Get to Cuddle


Sometimes, the heat does not work so well in the dorms. Facilities has the difficult task of regulating it, but cuddling always increases warmth! 

You Finally Get to Watch that One Movie


With blistering winds and snowfall, plans for a night on the town change, and you settle with cozying up with your buddies and a laptop.

You Teach Each Other Something New


Crafting, Knitting, that new Buzzfeed quiz, with the time spent there is definitely something to learn from your friend! And, most of the time, everything you need is within your reach.

You Make an Immense Discovery


During the wee hours of the night or in a lull during the day, you notice a minute detail of a TV show, movie, book, theory, or something else. It seems like the biggest discovery known to mankind, and gives you a sense of accomplishment equal to that of Sherlock Holmes (especially to make up for the lack of work done up until that point). Obviously you have to share your discovery with everyone you know, most likely on social media, so there is a permanent record of your idea for the world to see. 

You Make Memories


No matter what you do, spending time together in the end it the best bond.