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9 Activities to Take Your Mind Off the World

Reading the news about countless shootings over the last few months has me feeling a lot of ways: mostly sad, angry and confused. There are ways to personally cope with all the recent tragedy. Here are a few:

Photo courtesy of Vice

1. Try cooking something (more delicious, your kitchen will smell great after).

2. Read a good book (or magazine, whatever you choose).

3. Watch Netflix (if you’re a documentary dork like me, this is always a great idea).

4. Go online shopping on Amazon (they have some great stuff, like this Alaska Thunderf*ck coloring book).

5. Play with your pet (if you have one).

6. Go out (or stay in) with some friends.

7. Do homework (even if you don’t particularly enjoy it, it’ll make your day more productive).

8. Go for a walk.

9. Sleep (always a healthy activity).

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