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5 Squad Costumes for Halloween

It’s finally October, which means we’re only a few days away from Halloween! It’s the perfect time to pick out Halloween costumes for Halloween parties or to just wear around campus. Here are some of the best group Halloween costume ideas for those at Bryn Mawr who need a little inspiration.

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1. Disney princesses

Starting with a costume idea that is as old as time. No one can really go wrong with a princess costume and there are so many different variations for you to come up with (i.e. Zombie Princesses, Hipster Princesses, the possibilities are endless).

2. The Wizard of Oz

This classic group costume is great for anyone who loves classic film or who grew up watching the movie as a kid. Everyone will love what you do with it and you’ll be ready to march on down to the Emerald City in no time.

3. Greek goddesses

Here at Bryn Mawr, we love Athena. And what better way to honor our patron goddess than to dress up as her and some other badass goddesses? Just pick your favorites and rock the world with your ethereal looks.

4. Geese and border collies

This one is a special Bryn Mawr costume. Dress as the campus’ nightmare and our favorite heroes. Everyone will surely love this duo (or larger group!) costume and you’ll be the center of the party.

5. Your favorite superheroes

No matter from what universe, dressing up as your favorite heroes will make for a perfect Halloween costume.

Remember that Halloween is about feeling great about your costume, so dress up as something you love! Have a wonderful and spooky Halloween!

Emma Regan

Bryn Mawr '20

Emma is a junior and originally from South Plainfield, NJ. She is an English major at Bryn Mawr and hopes to one day become a librarian. She is the Archivist of Mujeres* at Bryn Mawr, works as a supervisor at the dining hall and circulation desk at the library, and loves to read, listen to music, and hike.  
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