5 Simple Ways to Stay Active in Politics

As current political unrest in the United States steadily increases, it’s more important than ever to stay aware of the happenings in politics and to use your voice to contribute to the ongoing conversation. There are several simple actions that everyone can, and should, take to make an impact. The following five actions are easy ways to speak up and to make a meaningful impact on the future of American government and society.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Stay Up to Date With the News

The first step in making a change is becoming educated on the happenings within the government and society. Scroll through social media pages or news publication sites to keep yourself updated on what’s happening in American politics each day. Knowing the facts is an easy and essential part of being an active participant.

Register to Vote

The most important action anyone can take is registering to vote. Once registered, you’re guaranteed a chance to express your opinions and contribute to the decisions of  national and local governments. Not only that, but registering to vote only takes five minutes! Visit Rockthevote.org to get started.

Call Your Representatives

Another way to directly contribute to your government is to call your representatives to discuss issues of interest to you. 5calls.org allows you to explore current law proposals and government debates, then offers you the resources such as phone numbers and scripts to contact your federal representatives to address issues of concern. Representatives tally the number of calls they receive and use that data to inform their decision on important issues. Calling, or leaving a message, is an easy and direct way to influence your government.  

Attend Rallies/Protests

The best way to publicly demonstrate resistance and demonstrate solidarity on a nation-wide level is to participate in protests and rallies, such as the Women’s Marches or Black Lives Matter rallies. Gatherings like these occur all around the country on different scales. Participating in these public movements is great, but not everyone feels comfortable doing so. In that case, showing support for these movements is the next best option!

Start Discussions With Your Peers

Spreading awareness and education is another great small-scale action you can take to make a significant impact. Discuss what you’ve learned and done with your peers and express your opinions on politics with your peers to begin a larger conversation. Democratic participation functions best when more people are involved, so raising awareness and starting a conversation is a great thing to do!