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5+ Coffee Shops to Study At in Philly

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryn Mawr chapter.

A change of scene can be very helpful for productivity; toiling away day and night in the campus libraries can be downright depressing! Whilst some may prefer a change a scenery that doesn’t require too much traveling (for those people, I recommend you checking out our article “5 Off-Campus (but Walkable) Coffee Shops to Study At”), I personally like to use this as an excuse to explore the city. I mean, but of course the true purpose for the trip will be to maximize productivity. Of course.

Menagerie Coffee

When people ask me to recommend a coffee shop to work at in Philly, my number one is always Menagerie Coffee. It’s a good place to co-work and also to work alone. The front of the shop lets in a wonderful amount of light and has seats for lounging, and the back of the shop has more space for working, complete with plentiful outlets, which is crucial if you’re planning to hunker down and work for awhile. I usually order an iced matcha latte. Be aware that it’s a popular coffee shop though! I always try to arrive before brunch time or whatever time is popular for most people to get coffee.

18 S 3rd St

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Bodhi Coffee

Philly is the coffee jungle. #Philly #photooftheday #coffee #vscocam

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A close second that I recommend is Bodhi Coffee, and it’s located pretty close to Menagerie as well. The space is smaller than Menagerie’s but it’s a good space nonetheless. I wouldn’t recommend working in a group here, but if you’re only traveling with one other person or if you’re going yourself, you’ll be fine. The bar at the front of the shop is cute with a beautiful array of plants and lights by the window. I usually order a london fog latte.

410 S 2nd St

Philadelphia, PA 19147

(267) 239-2928

Milk & Honey Cafe

Sunday mornings

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The aesthetic of Milk & Honey Cafe is similar to that of Bodhi, what with the plants and string of lights by the window. It’s located on South Street, so if you need a study break, you can get up and roam around; there’s always so much to see! Like everything on South Street, Milk & Honey has a unique personality.

518 S 4th St

Philadelphia, PA 19147

(215) 928-1811

Chapterhouse Cafe

So yesterday, I had my daily existential crisis where I looked at my hands and started freaking out that the real Jasmine is trapped in this sausage casing. And then I looked at the cars and they all looked like beetles who were in a hurry to feed the queen; the headlights were the eyes and the bumper grills were the mouths. Then all the plants that surrounded me turned to me looking at me like it was my turn to say something in a conversation of theirs where I had no clue what the fucking topic was. They turned away in disappointment. But it’s like wtf guuuyyssss, what are we forreal. I’m so convinced that I’m an alien because everyone is so blissful in this existential ignorance and I feel like I’m watching a movie on Lifetime. Haha.. Life time. During the times where my mental threshold lowers, I’m Sssuppper happy and content. But when it heightens it begins to feel like I’m surfing through jellybeans and going someplace that’ll turn me into brick infused malt liquor. People take drugs for this shit and all I have to do is look at my hand. Honestly like, do WHATEVER your heart desires because you’re a sausage and sausages should have their own prerogative in this movie or game or dimension or whatever tf word you like. Anyway, rainy Monday morning coffee to ease the psychosis (or is it?) The top is a Nutella Latte and the bottom is a Mocha Melange Latte.

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I’ve visited Chapterhouse Cafe several times to co-work with a large group. Like any good cafe, the front of the shop has huge windows, a string of lights and a bar to people-watch from, or to just sit and work at whilst soaking in some vitamin D. Since I usually go to co-work, I usually head to the back where there’s more space. The cafe is quite spacious!

620 S 9th St

Philadelphia, PA 19147

(215) 238-2626

Plenty Cafe

Plenty Cafe has more food options than the previous cafes I’ve mentioned. I would recommend tucking into the second floor if you’re planning to study for awhile, as the first floor can be filled with customers who are grabbing meals or catching up over coffee.

1602 Spruce St

Philadelphia, PA 19103

(215) 560-8684

And more

La Colombe Coffee and Joe Coffee are also solid choices. There are so many locations; just Google one near you! From La Colombe, my regular is the draft latte, and from Joe Coffee, my regular is the chai latte. And with that, happy traveling! I mean, er, studying!

Audrey Lin

Bryn Mawr

Computer Science and Linguistics double major at Bryn Mawr College. Lover of bubble tea and anything matcha.