4 Ways to Get Involved at Bryn Mawr

As a first year, I’ve been experiencing FOMO for the first time - so I’ve been attending whatever events that are happening on campus, going to tons of club meetings and trying so hard not to stay in my dorm room. While I’ve finally settled down on how to spend my time wisely without overloading my schedule, I know there are many new Mawrters who want to fully experience the fun times at Bryn Mawr. I made a list of four ways for you all to easily socialize with your classmates and get involved in different activities!

  1. 1. Hall Hangouts for Food and Fun

    Get to know the people who live in the same residence hall, especially your hall advisor, peer mentor and customs people. They are there to listen to you, help you and answer your questions. Usually during the hall hangouts, the HAs have snacks for you. For my first hall hangout, I had pizza and Cheez-Its - not to mention a great time just talking.

  2. 2. Join Clubs

    You might have missed Fall Frolic, which is a chance to learn about different clubs on campus, but no worries! There are many clubs that welcome newbies in October. Go to the Bryn Mawr College clubs website and contact the supervisors of the clubs listed on the webpage via email.

  3. 3. Check Your Bryn Mawr Email

    Go through the Daily Digest, an email which is full of events happening today and in the upcoming weeks. Make sure Bryn Mawr College Communications email isn’t blocked or going into your junk mail. There are a lot of events held by the Career & Civic Engagement Center every week. Upcoming club meetings as well as career-focused seminars are posted, so do check!

  4. 4. Get Involved in SGA 

    You can write a resolution (of course, you still have to submit it by the due date). Bryn Mawr really cares about the students and their needs. SGA works efficiently and listens to you. Attend Plenary! I didn’t feel like going at first, but the meeting was so much fun. Students perform in the beginning ranging from stand-ups to Acapella groups. Also, their raffles are great if you are interested in winning some dorm room priority, cute t-shirts and more. Quorum has to be met to vote on the resolutions, so your involvement is extremely important! If you are looking to engage and impact the culture at Bryn Mawr, coming to Plenary would be a great opportunity.