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I know most of us occupy our free time with books, YouTube, Netflix, or a cup of coffee with our friends, but I prefer listening to podcasts more than anything else. I love listening to radio dialogues or an interesting story, especially when I’m taking a walk. 

Here are four podcast stations for different times of the day!

Morning: WSJ What’s News

There are many news stations on Podcast, but I personally like this one because the updates are fast and short! 10-15 minutes of news without jargon and long interviews are great to know just enough about what’s going on in the world. How about starting off your day with this one?

Afternoon: The New Yorker: Fiction

Some of my favorite stories are from the New Yorker and I always keep up with the new ones via Podcast. I really appreciate this station because you don’t need a subscription to the New Yorker yet you still have access to these fun stories! The archives go as far as 2007, so you have lots to hear.

Late Afternoon: This American Life

I love this station for its history and how neat each episode is. I first listened to this station from my sociology class, and I absolutely fell in love with it. It has a good balance of politics and interesting narratives. My favorite episode is Fiasco!.

Nighttime: Levar Burton Reads

People have different opinions about listening to music or radio right before bed, but I think a good bedtime story can be helpful for adults as well. Burton’s storytelling is soothing, and the selection of stories vary widely in genres which is why I love this station so much. I can almost guarantee that the stories will probably be new to you, and you might end up discovering great new authors.

Yeri Lee

Bryn Mawr '23

I'm an international student studying philosophy and sociology from Korea at Bryn Mawr College. I listen to K-hiphop the most (but also enjoy Frank Sinatra, Queen, etc). Talk to me all day about current events, philosophy, and history!