4 Easy Ways to Conserve Energy on Campus

So many people talk about protecting the earth, but you might find that it’s harder to do in college. To start, you don’t have as much control over temperature and lights, but all is not lost. Here are some tips to save energy in college and save the planet while you’re at it. Not all superheroes wear capes!

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

1. Turn off all lights in your room during the daytime.

Some people have the habit of turning on the lights as soon as they enter their room, but it’s not always necessary. Pull up your blinds and let natural light work its magic; it’s usually brighter and less harsh than ceiling lights anyway.

2. Study in public spaces.

The library, common spaces and dining halls always have the lights turned on, so you might as well study there, use that light and save energy. At Bryn Mawr, you can get a carrel as your own private space to leave your books and it’s quiet enough that you won't be disturbed by those around you. Or, if you want more of a coffee house vibe, study in UnCommon Grounds when it’s open, or even Erdman or New Dorm.

3. Less energy with laundry.

The lowest setting on the dryer is a lot stronger than you think. Make sure to use this setting when drying your clothes, and if they’re still not dry (or if you want to save even more energy), use a clothing rack, provided in every laundry room in all Bryn Mawr dorms.

4. Unplug, unplug, unplug.

My friend shared this last tip with me, and it makes so much sense! I didn’t come up with it myself, but I just had to share it here. If something’s plugged in but you aren’t currently using it (think chargers, lamps, etc.), unplug it. To save more energy, use your phone and laptop (and any electronic, to be honest) less. That way you wouldn’t have to charge them so often.

These simple but effective tips will help you save more energy in your dorm and do your part to save the planet. To get more active and involved on campus, join Bryn Mawr’s Green Ambassadors at EarthFest in front of Canaday on April 20th at 2:30 p.m. There’ll be drinks, paper making, t-shirt upcycling, and other fun activities. Have a happy Earth Day Bryn Mawr!