4 DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Dorm

With autumn in full swing and the hot days of summer behind us, it’s time to prepare for the spookiest time of year - Halloween! Halloween is the perfect time to unleash your creative side for all to see. The best way to get creative and ready for the big day while in college - along with working on your amazing costume - is to decorate your dorm! You’ll only need a few basic art supplies: construction paper, pipe cleaners, markers and tissue paper. Here are a few DIY Halloween projects using these materials!

Photo courtesy of Pexels

1. Customized Tombstones

Cut pieces of dark-colored construction paper into round tombstone shapes to create a graveyard for your room! Grab some markers to customize the tombstones with names, puns or jokes. Tape the stones around your room to create a Halloween atmosphere wherever you look!

2. Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Create a cute spider to watch over your room with a few black pipe cleaners! Bend four pipe cleaners in half and tie them together by twisting a fifth pipe cleaner around the middle. Twist a few more pipe cleaners around the middle to create the body of the spider, or add a black pom-pom. Then bend the legs so that the spider can stand. If you want to add even more personality to your friendly spider, glue googly eyes onto the pom-pom!

3. Flying Bats

Using an online stencil, trace a bat shape onto black construction paper. If you want to add some sparkle, sprinkle black glitter over the paper! After cutting the shapes out, attach a transparent or white piece of string to the back and hang them around the room. The bats will dangle and flutter around the room with each autumn breeze!

4. Halloween Garland

Dress up your doorways and windows with a festive Halloween garland! Use orange, purple, yellow, green, white and black tissue paper to make paper flowers. To make the flowers, layer sheets of each color paper and fold them into a fan; then fold the sheets in half and tie the middle with a pipe cleaner. Pull the ends of the papers apart to create a full flower. String the flowers together for a festive, colorful garland!