4 Day Trips from Philly

With spring break getting closer, some of us may be thinking, “What am I going to do if I’m stuck on campus for a week?” Well, no need to fear. Here are some day trips in the Philly area that will provide you with plenty of memories over the break.

Washington, DC

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

The first trip is Washington, DC. DC is only an hour and 40 minutes from Philly by car, but you can also get there by train or bus. It’s full of beautiful architecture and wonderful museums (my recommendations are the American Indian Museum and the Natural History Museum). Not to mention the incredible food and stores that you can visit.

Valley Forge

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Another option is Valley Forge National Park. About 30 minutes from campus, Valley Forge is the perfect place to spend a (hopefully) warm day of spring break. You can learn about the use of the land during the American Revolution war. Don’t care about American history? No problem! It’s still a beautiful place for walking around and having a picnic.

Cape May

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

If you’re looking for old buildings and ocean waves, I suggest traveling to Cape May, New Jersey. I may have a personal bias (considering I once went here every summer for five years), but Cape May really is a great spot for a day trip. Like DC, it’s only an hour and 40 minutes away from Philly. I would suggest walking around the Washington Street Mall, spending a few hours at the Family Fun Arcade on Beach Ave or watching the sunset at Sunset Beach.


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without the suggestion to discover Philly itself. Whether it’s the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Franklin Institute or Penn’s Landing, Philly has so many different things to offer. Not to mention that it’s only 20 short minutes from campus.

Happy exploring!