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3 Makeup Items You Need to Use Before You Head Out The Door

Even during quarantine, there will be times we can’t relax in our sweatpants and have to leave our dorms. No worries though, you don’t need a full face of makeup. I’ll give you a few makeup tips that are quick and effortless but will give you a polished appearance.

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Tinted Lip Balm/Moisturizer

It’s always good to have some lip balm, especially if you live in a cold area (like Bryn Mawr) or in the wintertime to avoid chapped lips. There are a wide variety of colors available that give a natural look or pop of color. I recommend the Vaseline Rosy Lips tin if you want a simplistic style since it has a subtle pink hue and stays on your lips for a long time. If you would prefer a pop of color, the Revlon Kiss Lip Balm is best since there are a wide selection of colors, and it stays for a reasonable amount of time.


Concealer or foundation can come in handy, especially under your eyes after an all-nighter. I recommend you use an oil-based foundation since it gives your skin a smooth, porcelain-like look. However, you should use a matte foundation if you’ll be out for a longer period of time.

Moisturized Eyelashes

Just because your eyelashes are a small part of your face does not mean you shouldn’t take care of them! Eyelashes are very important in terms of health and beauty. I suggest moisturizing them with a hydro booster and then curling them. This will give the illusion that you have mascara on but does not damage your eyelashes like mascara.

Kate Southerland

Bryn Mawr '20

Kate is planning to be a Cities major at Bryn Mawr College. Along with that, she is an avid foodie and travel lover.
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