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3 Glossier Products Worth Buying (And 3 That Are Not)

I want to preface my article by saying this is not in partnership with Glossier, just a reflection of my own experiences. Everyone’s skin is different, and what works for my sensitive, combination, acne-prone skin might not work for you. I also want to note that I have owned and used every product I write about in this article.

Skincare serves different purposes at different moments. Sometimes it’s a self-indulgent luxury, while other times it’s a necessity. While a lot of skincare needs can be met with basic, straightforward products, sometimes it feels nice to splurge a little on a trendy item. 

Unfortunately, good marketing can easily deceive us into spending more than we should on products. Glossier, with its millennial pink branding and cult following, is particularly dangerous. The process of ordering and unboxing Glossier items itself is so appealing with the promise of fun stickers and pink, bubble wrap cosmetic bags. While the branding is undeniably alluring, there has been speculation about the effectiveness of the products and whether they are worth their price point. Some are, in my opinion, more expensive versions of drugstore products with nicer packaging, but others have actually helped my skin. Here are the products worth buying at Glossier and some that aren’t.

Worth It: Super Bounce

Super Bounce is one of Glossier’s three serums and the one that works most efficiently. It combines Hyaluronic Acid and B5 which promote hydration, and the results are instantly visible. Your face will literally feel bouncier. The Ordinary has a similar product which is usually sold out.

Worth It: Super Pure

Glossier’s Super Pure serum is a repeat buy for me as it helps to reduce redness and congestion. I’ve owned three bottles, which I only do when a product has really worked for me. It has a formulation similar to The Ordinary Niacinamide and Zinc serum but with a lower concentration of Niacinamide which has been better for my sensitive skin.

Worth It: Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Face Mask

This mask looks exactly how clay face masks are supposed to look. Additionally, it does exactly what a clay mask is supposed to do: draws out impurities and balances skin. If you’re looking to splurge on a new clay mask, I would recommend this one, but it is a small amount for the price.

Not Worth It: Balm Dotcom

Cute packaging, smells great, but is vaseline in a tube. Seriously. The first ingredient in all of the Balm Dotcoms is “petrolatum,” which is another world for petroleum jelly, or Vaseline. I also had some sort of allergic reaction when I tried this. Ultimately, there are better lip balms to spend your $12 on.

Not Worth It: Moisturizing Moon Mask

Moisturizing masks are generally not worth a high price point. Using a sheet mask that is soaked in some sort of essence or investing in a moisturizing serum will usually be more effective. Moisturizing masks that come in a tub or bottle are usually glorified lotion. I don’t know if that’s literally true, but that’s what it feels like to me.

Not Worth It: Milky Jelly Cleanser

I got this cleanser my freshman year of college but didn’t buy it again until a couple of months ago. I bought it again because I was feeling nostalgic and ran out of my other cleanser, but I was reminded of why I hadn’t used it in years. It started to irritate my skin after a week of usage. Switching skincare products too quickly can cause irritation, but this was my staple cleanser for months in 2017, and the irritation was somewhat consistent.

It feels great to open a Glossier package, but be mindful when choosing what to buy.

Enaas Sultan

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