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Why We’re Excited for Part 2 of The Get Down’s First Season

This Netflix original stole our hearts, and we cannot wait for more.

To see political parallels from the 1970s New York and now

Zeke may be young, but he has a voice and he is choosing to use it.  The Bronx are in ruins, and there are opposing views on how to fix the inequality.  Zeke’s poetry highlights the pain his community feels when media sources focus on lighter issues, like pop culture, rather than the struggling lower class — something we see all too often on our newsreeels. 

To understand the significance music has on community culture  

The 1970s are known as major decade for the shaping of modern music, from the transfer of pop to disco, the shaping of rock ‘n’ roll, introduction of rap, and most importantly in The Get Down, the impact of Hip Hop.  

Music is the basis of the show, from Zeke’s poignant poetry which easily transfers into rap or even lyrical, to Mylene’s captivatingly soulful performances.  The prominent clubs, DJs, and record labels affect every aspect of the characters’ lives, and leave a lasting impression on viewers about the meaning of Hip Hop’s rise to stardom.

The Get Down is more than just the name of the show — it is a term coined by Grandmaster Flash, the real life DJ also depicted in the show.  He describes it as the sweet spot of mixing records to create the perfect beat, which changed the role of DJs and modern music forever.


The Get Down is directed by Baz Luhrmann, so to call it visually appealing would be an understatement.  Each shot is rich in color, making it impossible to look away.  Aside from music, grafitti is the other strong fascination in the show.  Dizzee, a budding artist, showcases his talent on trains and concrete walls, at war with other major taggers.  The lush soundtrack, juxtaposition between sparkling disco/club settings and gritty streets, and perfect wardrobe and set choices create a show that is a work of art from start to finish.


Zeke and Mylene’s soft romance flourishes into an intense connection which many viewers can relate to as a dramatic bff turned lover scenario.  Aside from that, though, The Get Down portrays important friendships and familial relationships and their impact on a tight-knit community.  

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith’s character, Dizzee, is a young artist with a lot to learn about himself.  We see his transformation throughout part one, and cannot wait to see what is in store for him next.  We are especially impressed by casting for selecting Smith, who identifies as gender-fluid, to play a character who is questioning his sexuality.  Representation matters!


The Get Down is a culturally significant, musically enthralling, and visually mesmerizing Netflix original.  Part one of the first season is short and addicting enough to finish in one day, and we are sure part two will be just as good.  It premiers on April 7th, so make sure to catch up now if necessary.  

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