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Why We Wish Our Lives Were Lifetime Christmas Movies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Lifetime movies are our favorite guilty pleasure, especially the Christmas ones because they are extra cheesy.  Plus, there’s nothing better than procrastinating and dreaming about the perfect life around this time of year.

1.      The women are powerful

They make landing the dream job look so easy.  From traveling across the country (or even the world) for lavish business jobs (at seemingly no expense), to running a wholesome family, to slaying the holiday outfit game, these women know how to laugh the winter blues in the face and make the most out of the chilly months.

2.         The guys are cute

Based on this picture, we have no idea what this movie is about, but it seems like a pretty decent life.

3.      It always snows on Christmas. 

Like, even in California.  When the entire movie depicted 80 degree weather and girls wearing summer clothes.   

4.      They still look good in sub-zero weather

That is impossible.  

5.      The decorations are to die for!

6.      There is a soundtrack for your life

Who doesn’t want music to play when you kiss under mistletoe, and snow to sparkle when you look outside?

7.      There’s always a moral

Nothing more inspirational than learning the beauty of family and the gift of love ones – awwwww.