What We Will Miss About College Life in the Summer

Here are the top ten things we will miss about college life over summer.


1. Living with your closest friends

We will miss waking up to our closest friends.  As most of us live in suites, our best friends are with us from the morning to nighttime.  In addition, the rest of your friends are on campus and not a far walk to be with them.  At home, you have to drive across town to hangout with friends, IF they're home!

2. Not having to tell anyone what your plans are

When you're home, you're under your parent's roof, therefore have to keep them updated with your whereabouts.  Meanwhile at college, you can roam freely.


3. Having all meals conveniently ready to eat at the dining hall

We're going to miss walking into the dining hall and having a variety of food options hot and ready to be eaten.  You can also eat whenever you want, and as much as you want while at school.  At home, you have to cook your own food, or wait for the whole family to get home to eat.


4. Not having to spend ~real~ money

Most colleges provided meal plans with alternative money options.  Here at Bryant, we have Dinning Dollars and Bulldog Bucks, that we can use at other food locations across campus.  At home, if you are going out to eat, that requires real money.


6. Going to the free events your campus provides

Just to name a few: Spring concert, sporting games, celebrity guest speakers, the gym and group classes, are all FREE at college.



Nothing is far on campus.  With nice weather, it's a joy to walk to class, or lay on the lawn with friends and relax and enjoy the sun. Being a college student means we are always studying, so it is nice to get some exercise,fresh air, nad enjoy the floral landscaping.  Photo


8. Having everything you need is within walking distance

Everything a student needs to maintain their everyday life is on campus, and all within walking distance. 


9. Taking hundreds of pictures

The storage on your phone is full all because of the excessive amount of photos you've taken documenting your experience at college. 

10. Missing Home

Now that we're all home, we will miss being at college.  It's an ongoing cycle, really.