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What Obama Has Been Up To

Ater the end of Obama’s presidency, we can say with some certainty that he was pretty excited, and maybe a little relieved, to leave the Land of the Donald.

After a long eight years, the Obamas deserve a lavish vacation at the very least. In fact, that is exactly what they had planned. After getting a very long sleep, Mr. and Mrs. Obama, along with Malia and Sasha, left for a vacation at the British Virgin Islands. From there, the family took a boat to Branson’s Necker Island.


Branson’s Necker Island has a staff of 100 people. It has resort style accommodations and can service up to 30 guests. That is approximately 3 workers for every guest- talk about service! This kind of luxury will naturally come at a price, the rate reportedly starts at $78,000 per night. For those of celebrity status who may be seeking seclusion, this resort is the obvious choice. Anyone can stay there or rent the entire island, unless of course Richard Branson is using it himself.

If you haven’t gotten enough, and you probably haven’t, here are some more shots of Obama enjoying his ex-presidency.

For your listening pleasure, Obama has released his “Summer Playlist” just so we can feel some warm vacation vibes while up in the Northeast.


After this two week escapade, the Obama’s returned to Washington, DC to take up residency, contrary to the decisions of most prior presidents. They’re renting an 8,200-square-foot tudor home in a posh neighborhood in DC called Kalorama. Neighbors include the French ambassador, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and the French Ambassador. Obama is expected to write another book as well as begin work on the Obama Foundation- where we will work from his office space in the headquarters of the World Wildlife Fund.

Whatever the former President decides to do, we know he’ll be successful. We wish him all the best in his “retirement” and can’t wait to see what he’ll do in the future. Cheers, Obama!

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