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What NOT to do Over Spring Break

Spring break is a time you will never want to forget! Don’t make it into something you wish you could forget by doing these things – which we are sure you would regret. Spring break is going to be fun and crazy, but always make sure to stay safe and healthy!

1.       Do NOT become dehydrated. Drink water! Hot weather + alcohol consumption is a recipe for dehydration. So skip the headaches and potential heat stroke and have a glass of water between drinks and after being in the sun.

2.       Do NOT forget to reapply suntan lotion. Most of us haven’t been in the sun since last summer, so your skin will be more sensitive to the sunrays. Having a sunburn on spring break is uncomfortable and annoying, so make sure to reapply often

3.       Do NOT accept drinks that you did not see made. People who give you drinks have the chance to put drugs into your drink, so make sure you watch the bartender make your drink and leave no opportunity for someone to spike your drink.

4.       Do NOT go anywhere alone or with a stranger. Always stay with a friend and never go alone, especially when drinking. You can’t trust someone you just met.

5.       Do NOT leave your drink anywhere. People can slip drugs into your drink when you aren’t looking, so never leave your drink unattended.

6.       Do NOT bring more cash than you will need. Bring enough to be safe, but carrying hundreds of dollars in your wallet is asking to be robbed.

7.       Do NOT leave valuables out in your room. Hotel rooms have safes so you can keep your money, ID, and other items in there while you’re out.

8.       Do NOT accept rides from strangers, and look for an ID in a taxi so you know it’s legitimate. Calling a taxi is always the safest.

9.       Do NOT power hour pregame. Pace yourself throughout the night to have the most fun! Drinking too much at once can be dangerous because it will all hit you at once when your body starts to absorb the alcohol.

10.   Do NOT forget to eat. Always eat your three meals a day, especially if you are planning on drinking!

Have an amazing and safe spring break! HCXO

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