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What to Expect the First Month of Freshman Year

Your first month of college can be the most exciting, nerve-wracking, and memorable time in your life. For most of us, it is the first time away from home and truly experiencing freedom. You might not be sure what to expect, but here are 10 things that we can guarantee:


1. Syllabus Week.

This is the first week where you review all the syllabi you receive. You might think that classes aren’t that hard but just wait, because the work will come and, before you know it, there will be three papers due the following week and you’ll be super stressed. You’ll eventually fall into a routine and wish for syllabus week to come back.


2. Learning How to Manage Time.

Once you get through the first week of college you will realize how much free time you truly have; use it wisely. The best thing you can do is plan out all your responsibilities each day and then fill in your free time with necessities like eating, working out, and relaxing. Google calendar will become your best friend.


3. Making Friends.

The first week of college you are going to meet so many new people that you won’t be able to remember half of their names. It might be challenging making new friends since you have probably had the same friend group since middle school, but just remember to put yourself out there.  Everyone else is in the same position as you!


4. Friends Coming Into Your Room Unexpectedly.

The friends you made at orientation or during the first few weeks of college are probably going to be your best friends, especially if they live in the same building or hall. Expect for them to barge in whenever they feel like it — they practically live with you now. What is privacy?


5. Already Being Best Friends With Your Roommate.

By now she has probably seen you naked, and it can’t get more personal than that. You eat, sleep and live in each other’s personal spaces. Almost every night you two will stay up and have “pillow talk” about everything imaginable until you both fall asleep. You’ll always have someone to go to the dining hall with, go to the community showers with, and hang out with.


6. Homesickness.

Everyone experiences it in one way or another. You’re going to miss home and that’s perfectly normal. You’ll find yourself calling your family at least once a day trying to keep them updated. Being away for school will make you appreciate your home, as well as your family, so much more.


7. Parties.

There will be parties on campus, and it is your choice whether or not to attend them. If you do go, you can expect there to be alcohol and you’ll have to make smart decisions. Parties can actually be fun when you have a group of friends dancing and singing to the music, practically taking over the party.


8. Upperclassmen Boys Flirting With You.                                            

Pretty self-explanatory. Yes, the attention from the upperclassmen boys will make you feel super cool. No, they do not want to date you. Be careful with them, it’s like a game to see how many freshmen girls they can “get”.


9.  Already Being Sick of the Food.

You will get sick of the food on campus, especially when you only have one dining hall. You’re also going to miss home cooked meals. The dining hall food won’t compare to the food back home. You might even question whether or not the chicken is real. Keep snacks in your dorm room just in case you don’t feel like going to the dining hall.


10.  Experiencing the Best Month of Your Life.

This month is full of amazing opportunities and it is a major transition. Meeting new people and discovering what you are going to do with the rest of your life can be overwhelming, but so rewarding. The first month is going to fly by; soon everyone will be going home for Columbus Day weekend and you’ll be counting down the minutes until you’re back in your dorm, with your best friends down the hall, and the endless possibilities that lay ahead!


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