Ways to Get Back On Track This Semester

Isn't it surprising that we have been back in school for a month now? It seems like yesterday was just the first day of classes! If you still feel like you haven't gotten into the swing of things, we have some tips to get you on track! 

1. Write down all important dates

This includes quizzes, exams, friends/family birthdays, special events, and the like. Whether you put it in your Outlook calendar, in a planner, or a wall calendar, it is important to write things down so no surprises come your way. If there is a special place you want to go before the end the semester, pick a date for that now before you get too busy.

2. Clean your room

A clean space is always beneficial to your mental health. Do some reorganization in your desk, closet, and under your bed and donate whatever you don’t want. If you have out of season items or things you no longer need at school, put them under your bed so they can all be together next time your parents come to visit you or you go home. Wipe down all surfaces to get rid of dust and germs. If you have a common room or kitchen, definitely clean those as well!

3. Do easy school work

If you already know specific vocabulary or material you have on an exam, make flash cards on commercial breaks when you’re watching The Bachelor because it is a mindless activity that will make your life easier when it’s time to study for the exam.

4. Start to think about next semester

If you have a class time that you hate, then start to look at the course catalog for next semester to find a way to avoid that time. Make an appointment with your advisor sooner rather than later because the appointment times fill up fast around course registration time.

5. Buy healthy snacks

When you are buying snacks, stock on veggie chips instead of potato chips. If you don’t have any unhealthy snacks in your room, then you won’t be tempted to eat them.