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Vagina Monologues Embody Being a Woman

Bryant’s Vagina Monologue show this past Wednesday was a huge success. Many people came out to support their friends performing. Even Toby Simon (the previous director of the Hochberg Women’s Center) came back to see the show she used to help run! All of the ladies who performed did a great job. The audience couldn’t stop laughing at some of the funnier monologues, while the more serious monologues left the audience speechless.  Kelly Boutin, the new director of the Women’s Center, performed a hilarious monologue, and so did Anna Takahama (assistant director of the Office of Campus Engagement).These amazing ladies were able to express what it means to be a woman and they should all be commended for their performances. If you want to learn more about the monologues or become more involved in any woman issues, make sure to stop by the Hochberg Women’s Center in the FSC. Congratulations again to these incredible ladies!


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